Freedom in Responsibility

Sometimes social media can give us real gems. A few days ago a facebook friend quoted her husband, and I thought it was such a wonderful idea I turned it into a little quote photo. Thank you, Gladys, and to your husband for the insight.

we dont know what we want

So much of my personal growth has come from accepting responsibility for many areas of my life. If a relationship ended, I had something to do with it. If I stayed in a job that didn’t help me grow, it’s because I didn’t feel worthy of more. It’s true there are many circumstances out of our realm of influence, but more are in it, and there’s incredible freedom when you stop blaming everyone else, get out of victim mentality, and recognize that you can change.

xo Jaime K

It’s Going to Be OK

It’s OK to turn down something that will drain you, even if the cause is good.

It’s OK to block or unfollow that social media account that triggers your insecurities.

Its OK to say you already have plans even if your plans are napping with your cat.

It’s OK to respectfully leave behind the people and things who don’t serve you so you can make time for the ones who do.

You’re not a bad person. The world will keep turning.