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Hi, I’m Jaime K! Veganism first resonated with me in 2001 when my father died. I’m a self-taught cook since 1999.

I host Save the Kales! vegan + lifestyle TV show on RCN Cable reaching 105,000 households sixteen times a month (also available on Youtube and our ROKU Channel), and now airing in Washington, DC reaching 500,000 households. In 2013, I was nominated for a mid-Atlantic EMMY Award for TV Host.

Working alongside the Bethlehem City Chamber I co-organize Bethlehem Vegfest which sees an average of 10,000 attendees annually, and co-founded the Bethlehem Food Co-op.

I’ve won six Morning Call blog awards, was named ” 2014 Power Person” by LehighHappenings.com, mentioned in and created content for Vegnews Magazine and OurhenHouse.com, and cooked dinner for Joan Jett.  jaimek summer

I write Fresh Perspectives with Jaime K, my bi-monthly column in Lehigh Valley Style magazine which focuses on small businesses, the local creative community, vegan eats, and an exclusive recipe.

I’m a freelance writer and public speaker and love to talk about: vegan cooking and lifestyle, body positivity and self-esteem, personal empowerment, living with anxiety and depression, queer and gender identity.

I have formal education in Mass Communications and Gender Studies, Interior Design, and am a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach (VLC).

I strive to live a fun, compassionate life and it’s my mission to find beauty in everything.   This blog features recipes, videos, books and blogs, art and insight. Living your truth is the fastest way experience joy. Cross my heart.


Save the Kales! is Jaime Karpovich based in Easton, PA. 

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You may contact me in any of the following ways:

60 thoughts on “About + Contact

  1. Hi Jaime! I’m so glad you started a blog – veggie home gourmets unite. I can’t wait to see what’s cooking next… and saving the kales is a cause I can surely get behind!

  2. Hi, Jammie, Your website is fantastic, I am so proud of you, great recipes, and stories. I am going to be in the Watkins Glen area at the end of April. I don’t know if you heard but I have a restaurant now , KB GUILFORDS, on Wyoming ave. Wyoming , make sure you stop in if you are in the area.570-693-4060 my cell is 540-0906 Love ya and hope to talk soon Aunt Kate

  3. Hi Jaime,
    Aunt Lori just sent me your site. It looks great and I can’t wait to read thru everything. I hope all stays well with you. Talk to you soon! love ya

  4. Jaime…. you sound like the sort of girl that would be a lot of fun to drink a bad amount of wine with!
    If you ever want to come to Montreal….. you got a vegan tour guide…. and one who knows how to party!

  5. I’m so proud of you. Your site looks awesome. Keep up the great work. I’m so proud to have you as my friend! How bout some vegan kid friendly recipes to get that crumb snatcher son of mine to eat his veggies?

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Stumbled upon your blog and want you to know how cool I think it is. Wish you lived out here in Western MA. cause Id hire you to teach me your treasures! All my sences came alive when reading your blog…and the photos are lovely!
    thank you for the inspiration,

  7. Hello Jamie,

    Just wanted to say that I found a link to your blog and I’m so excited to check it out and make good use of all the great cooking/nutritional information on here. Thanks for doing what you do!


    • Oh my goodness, Allyson, consider this a huge e-hug, thank you so much for those incredibly kind words! Much appreciated 🙂 I hope you’ll find some helpful information, or a few smiles at the least!

    • Wow, I’m so excited you found it too! The style here is a little different than just a cooking blog, but I hope you’ll find recipes you like, pretty art and some content to make you smile. Thanks for bringing so much positivity! I hope to see you around the internet 🙂

    • Aw STEPH!!!! What a sweetheart, I didn’t even know you read this thing! Ryan has family in Virginia (and so do I, with you, right? Aww…) so we definately want to plan a trip! I would love to see you and your place and meet this fella’. Thank you, love you!

  8. Thx for visiting my decorating and design blog – loveyourroom! We are 2 LV girls passionate about what we do and where we live. We should keep in touch. Seems like we would could inspirational to eachother. I met another LV blogger and we have become friends also! She is in the contest too (frugal family fun blog). email me if you like shoshana@loveyourroom.com. I think you are so creative. Also my Mom passed away 3 3/4 yrs ago and it has had a huge impact on my life. I am so sorry to hear about your father.

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  10. I found your vegan cream sauce video on the Air Eater blog and hopped on over – I LOVE your blog! I’m definitely going to make that sauce over the weekend – yum! I’m 100% vegetairan (for ~10 years) and have been vegan in the past (for years at a time) and hope to get back to it soon. I’m nearing the end of a weight loss journey (down 110 lbs with ~30 to go) and still need too high of a protein percentage (to get the weigh off quicker) to go 100% vegan again yet. Adding you to my blogroll 🙂 http://loseitin90days.wordpress.com

    • WOW thank you so much! It’s the best when people come across your stuff and stick around a while. You made my day! Maybe some day if you felt comfortable, we could discuss your personal journey to health. I have one of my my own (while I WAS VEGAN, I reached my highest weight ever! – meaning you can be vegan and NOT “fit” or always healthy!), so health stuff is a big part of my cooking now, too. Thank you so much for sharing your comments, I can’t wait to check out your blog and maybe we set up a little interview!? 🙂

      • I would be happy to tell you all about my journey anytime…I pretty much an open book 🙂

  11. I found your blog through the Bethlehem Veg Fest Facebook page, and I’m so glad I did! I live in the Poconos, and sometimes it feels like my boyfriend and I are the only vegans in the area. I can’t wait to go back and read your blog from the beginning. Oh, and even though I only have one, I love colorful tattoos, too! Do you know of a tattoo parlor in the area that uses vegan ink? I got mine in Portland, OR, so it will be a while before I get back there for my next one!

    • HI SUSAN! I’m so glad you found me, too! VegFest is going to be AWESOME and it’ll be nice to know even more friendly faces once it is upon us! Come to the Valley some time and we can meet for lunch or dinner and talk about things, I’d love it!

      Actually, I only have two tattoos and both were not done in the area. I am not aware off the top of my head of vegan tattoo places, but there are certainly a lot of vegans here with tattoos, so I’ll see if anyone has insight for you and surely let you know. SO GLAD you came by 🙂

  12. Hi Jaime,
    I was sitting at Barnes and Noble at Promenade on Friday night reading all the mags I love (LV Style!) and came across your article. I even took a picture of you on my phone and said to my husband, “I know this girl!”. I checked out your site and it is great. I want to make your lentil soup, sounds awesome. Do you ever go to Pistachios? Their veggie tapas are to die for…mmm. Anyway, hope you are doing well. I guess Lehigh Valley has been a successful move for both of us!

    • Amy, wow thank you so much for writing, what an awesome surprise to hear from an old friend! That’s so cute about the photo you sent, haha. I am so grateful and humbled about that article, still, and every time I see it I take photos of it too as reminders of how far I’ve come, especially when I have a bad day anxiety-wise. If you ever want to get some lunch or dinner and catch up, let’s please do that! SO good to hear from you, I’d love to catch up and learn all about the wonderful things happening for you!

      • Two things made me think of you lately: Saves The Day and Get Up Kids coming to Croc Roc and Perks of Being a Wallflower being made into a movie!
        School is out next Friday so I will have plenty of time on my hands to meet up with you! If you can see my email address from my post, shoot me an email so we can chat off of your site.

      • HEY!!! Haha. Wow, someone else just told me ‘Perks’ is going to be a movie. When I was in the 11th grade I think all I wanted more than anything was for Charlie to fall in love with me. Do you want to go see it with me when that happens!?!? I want to see you too!

  13. ‘Love your comment, “Living your truth is the fastest way experience joy.” I’m 44, been around the block many different ways, and that is the most concise, true summary of what I have found to be true but could never articulate in one sentence as you have. Thanks for all you are and do!!!

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    • Hey there, thank you for the nice replies! I don’t do any email stuff 😦 I’m horrible with email as it is so mostly here and my facebook page are the places for updates. Maybe it’s something I could look into – I always assume no one else likes email either, woopsies 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

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  16. Jamie, as always, love your blog… Need a favor, I found, bought Black Bean Spaghetti and well…do you have any recipes or idea what to cook with it?

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  18. Hi Jaime. What a pleasant surprise to find your show on local programming in Maryland. I was flipping the channel to find anything that didn’t resemble an awards show. To my surprise your show was on and after watching it for two minutes I figured out you were vegan. Wahoo! I’m a long time vegan and it was so refreshing to find your show. On another note, have you seen the first vegan cooking show to come to a major cable channel?


    • Hey Mark! Thank you SO much for writing — I’m actually a little surprised because I had *no idea* the show was airing in other States. We had talked about it as a possibility, but I didn’t know it was happening. Huh! What Episode was it (do you remember any recipes?)… Very curious indeed. It’s a good thing, right?!

      Unfortunately I don’t get The Cooking Channel so I haven’t been able to see Jason’s show — anxiously waiting for a way to watch because I am just so overwhelmed with happiness for him, for vegans, for animals.. that this is happening on a major network. FINALLY, right!? Huge applause all around! 🙂

      Do you get the Veria channel? Julieanna Hever’s show will be starting any day now on that station, too. 2013 — the year of the vegan cooking show!!!

      Thanks again for your very nice message, and for that excellent news. This insomnia (it’s 1am) is worth it!

  19. What a fun blog! I loved watching the clips from your TV cooking show. How fun, and you are so natural on camera, I wish I was like that! 🙂 Such a great job. I wanted to thank you for following my blog. I hope you find many recipes to keep you happy and healthy. Cheers!

  20. You taught my daughter to cook at a “girl power” camp and she is so psyched about what she learned. She made a meal at home and it was so delicious. Thanks for sharing with her.

  21. When are you going to be back. i miss your wonderful blog posts and hope since I just found your site that you wont be gone or quit as I love the information you provide.

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