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On-Air Schedule on RCN Channel 4

  • Sundays – 9:30pm
  • Mondays – 4:30pm
  • Tuesdays – 11:00am
  • Saturdays – 6:30pm

The show airs 4 times/week, 16 times/month on RCN Cable Channel 4, in the Lehigh and Delaware Valleys of Eastern Pennsylvania, and is available any time On Demand. New episodes air monthly.

STK show garden

The show is broadcast to a cable audience of over 110,000 households, with 400 commercials every month across all stations.

Save the Kales! can be found anywhere via Youtube and is also a partner of, available on Apple TV and Roku.

Several articles + interviews about Save the Kales! can be found here.

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41 thoughts on “TV SHOW

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  2. Great recipes! BUT the haur and hands in the food and ingredients was a big turn off. Tie back the hair and get sime utensils.

    • Since this is food that is not being sold commercially, cooking on the show doesn’t require the same hair back/covered hands guidelines as working in a restaurant. I wondered the same thing, but when I watch cooking shows they don’t always have tied hair, and often use their hands when handling food. Thanks for watching!

      • Olivia, I’m sure you checked her show on youtube out by now.. Yes her personality and her youtube shows are excellent.. and she shouldn’t change a thing…Thanks Jaime..

  3. So so so inspiring! I can’t wait to try everything, but the ingredients for the kale mac and cheese are going on my grocery shopping list for this week! The idea of it, kale mac and cheese that is, speaks to me in a very spiritual way. Jaime, you are gorgeous, and I would like to say that you are the next Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Can’t wait for your cookbook 😉

  4. Just caught my first episode this morning–was the one where you made the kale mac and cheese, which looked absolutely delicious, by the way. I thought you did a great job with the show and with explaining the recipes and I really appreciated that you let people know where they can find the different ingredients and that you can get some good deals on them as well. Plus, you have such a sweet personality that really shined through on camera and I think it’s great that you were able to keep that for the show–I think it will definitely help people connect with you and your food. Great job, lady. Can’t wait to try that mac and cheese. : )

  5. I’ve been watching Save the Kales on You Tube for quite a while now and was thrilled to see she had a TV show. I’m a visual kind of learner so I love to watch it being made and then its easier for me to make the recipe. I don’t feel as intimidated. I’ve made several of her recipes and none of them have ever disappointed me. In fact I have been impressed with myself for the first time in my life after preparing her dishes. Keep up the good work cannot wait for more episodes. Oh by the way, my
    carnivore son’s love eating some of the recipes too.

  6. Being that I am a beginner to this lifestyle, watching your videos makes it easy and less intimidating for me. I absolutely LOVED the tofu garlic and basil “ricotta” pizza. SO YUMMY! I am so inspired by you and your cooking. Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to watch the next episode !

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE episode 2. I’ve been looking for more creative ways to incorporate veggies into my diet. These recipes would be a hit regardless of your dietary preferences, in fact, several friends and I plan on getting together once a month to cook vegan food, just to change it up. Keep up the great work! I plan on downloading all your recipes!!

  8. This is the ONLY show my husband and I watch together! I have to remind him that it is ok to watch without writing anything down because you put up the recipes! StK is like spending time with your sweetest friend in the kitchen. Love your advice and tips (I now don’t cut my peppers any other way), and I would have been carrying around a sweet little chicken too! I learned to cook only at about the same time as I went vegan, so I am very inspired by your creative ideas. The recipes from the first episode turned out so well that we want to make everything you do. And I am crazy for nooch and kale. I am even trying to grow it this year! I appreciate how you bring in elements of raw and low-fat too. I admit that I also tune in to see what you wear and how you do your hair. Can’t wait for episode 3!

  9. Jaime, I think you are truly an asset to people like me – newbie vegans AND those who are experienced chefs as well. You bring some different ideas to the table (pardon the pun!) than the usual vegan fare. I’m a visual learner so watching you make these delicious recipes helps me when I go to do the same. I love how comfortable you are as you show us the latest and greatest recipes. I feel like you’re a friend and we’re just cooking a meal together. I loved your tofu tour 🙂 as I really had no idea what goes into the making of tofu! I also enjoy the tips outside of the kitchen, such as picking the best produce, such an integral part of the vegan diet! I look forward to a future cookbook for you and a national airing of “Save The Kales”! Keep up the wonderful work, Jaime!

  10. Great job Jaime! I really like that you visit local food producers in addition to teaching people how to make dishes. I think people really need to get back in touch with how food is grown and/or made. Showing viewers that all these great food sources, like the tofu factory and the community garden, is a great way for people to get back in touch with how food is really produced/grown.

    I also love that you’re showing how hardy and rich vegan food can be. We don’t just eat steamed vegetables, people! We have taste buds too and love sinfully delicious food. That kale mac and cheese looks so good, I’ll definitely have to try it. That bean salad looks super delish too. The money saving tip on cooking your own beans is a great plus to the video. I always cook big batches of beans and freeze them in small and medium portions, so when I need them all I have to do is thaw them. It’s a huge money saver and they taste so much better than canned.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Just finished watching both episodes with my omnivore roommate. We are both so excited to try the tofu scramble from episode one, and he is inspired to use the sun dried tomato crumble for his next casserole. You’ve given me such great ideas for lunches and brunch- last week I decided to go “Vegan until dinner time” (and still Vegetarian for the remainder).

    I’m also super excited for all uses of nutritional yeast. I’ve had it in dishes from a local (to Boston) restaurant and really enjoyed it, but never knew how I could use it in my own cooking.

    I agree with Lydia, and really appreciated the clip in Episode 2 with the money saving tip.

    Can’t wait for Episode 3. Keep cooking and inspiring!

  12. In the past when I have contemplated plant-based diets i often found myself being turned off by some of the preachiness I would encounter from certain segments of the community. Save the Kales and Jaime K. aren’t like that at all. There is no judgment, no arm twisting, no wringing of hands, no Chinese water torture…. just some very terrific recipes and a little bit of encouragement to try something new. And trust me, I know because I sampled some of the very fantastic offerings at the end of the first episode. As someone who is completely new to this lifestyle, I constantly scour cable television looking for programing about plant-based foods / cooking/ lifestyle. There is not much out there, I can assure you. Save the Kales has been a godsend to me – offering me easy to make, affordably priced plant based recipes. This is a show that I can watch with the whole family. Even my seven year old wants to try these recipes.

    If we could find away to replicate Jaime K, the world would no doubt be a better place. She’s a local treasure who I’m positive will one day be on a national stage. Watch this show…expand your horizons… you will be glad you did.

  13. Jaime! Loved the show!! I just watched the first episode with my mom and she loved it too (and she hates cooking shows)! She said you have an adorable personality and you should be on the Food Network…haha! She wanted to watch the second one as well, but there we couldn’t get the On Demand video to work. :/

    I think that your positive attitude and bright personality brings a lot to the table (pun intended!) when doing a show like this. I read Johnny’s comment and I totally agree with it. You really embody the kindness of being vegan.

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  15. What a great show! I’ll definitely be tuning in via the internet. The tofu factory tour really emphasized how difficult it is to extricate ourselves from the dairy industry. I became a vegan to (in part) withdraw my support from dairy production — but even in buying tofu, I might be supporting it (if Fresh Tofu’s practice of giving soybean pulp to dairy farmers is a common practice among tofu producers, that is). I’m off to investigate what my local tofu producers do with their tofu byproducts . . .

    • Thank you for your comment! It was an unfortunate thing to learn, and I struggled with editing it out so it didn’t seem like STK promotes dairy farms (of course not!), but then isn’t that hiding information that people such as yourself may want to know? I suppose the best we can do is get info as we learn and make the decisions that are best for us. Thanks for writing, and for helping so many animals 🙂

  16. It is so great to see a vegan recipe show on the TV, especially one that is presented by such an effervescent and compassionate cook! Jaime’s personality shines through, makes you feel good and makes you want to get up and make some of her cruelty free and delicious meals! There is something for everyone from easy recipes to something a bit more adventurous, and the interviews with local suppliers and small co-operatives is a great addition! Well done Jaime and keep on cooking! X

  17. Thanks for the info on Fresh Tofu, Inc. I found it at my Whole Foods. Great to have a source of local and organic tofu. Looking forward to future shows.

    • You’re welcome! I thought it was awesome that it started as a vegan food truck in the 70’s, with his then-partner making the tofu in his house. Gotta love that. 🙂

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  19. Jaime, Really have enjoyed the shows and the information that you give to people who are thinking of beginning with a plant based diet and those of us who already enjoy and always are looking foe new ideas.

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  21. Found out about this program via Care 2, hope Jamie goes national so that more people can see how much fun a plant based diet is!

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  26. Love the show!
    Also love the ” hands on/in the food”. That’s how I cook for my self and family.
    Your show is so real and fun. PLEASE, don’t change anything! BUT, make more shows PLEASE!
    I’m new to Veganism ( Feb 19 2013 ) and excited and learning a lot from you thanks again!

    • Thanks so much, Jim! I constantly use my hands to cook… would seem less authentic if I tried to use utensils more often. They don’t do as good of a job and I end up flipping food all over the place. Ha! Thanks so much and we’ll keep the shows comin’. 🙂

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