LINKS TO LOVE: Vegan Musikfest + Floating Away

First things first – this evening I’ll be roaming Bethlehem on foot, camera and notebook in tow, to document the Best Vegan Musikfest Foods of 2014. (It’s been three years since I last did that.) The food available for vegans has gotten better over the years, and tomorrow I’ll report back with with my top picks to help you navigate the other nine days of ‘Festing. Check back!

savethekales july

Last Friday I attended the opening reception of Bethlehem House Art Gallery (fancy schmancy!) and the wee hours of the night outside with a few friends sharing deep thoughts + experiences on gender identity (one of the most delicious topics), and Saturday was spent surrounded by healers, yoginis, and lots of delicious (as always) food from Shankara at the first Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival. That gave me the chance to run next door and pay a visit to Greenmouth Juice Cafe which is, really and truly, holy-moly-gorgeous and their drink and small food menu are mostly vegan. Go there. Go. Go!

Sunday was a day of new experiences that left me baptized by the Lehigh River. My friend won tickets to go whitewater rafting at Whitewater Challengers (via a contest held by Discover Lehigh Valley, thanks dudes!). It was a whole-day experience, and eight miles of river, two pb +j sandwiches, three hilarious river guides, and two harshly sunburned knees later, I returned home to sleep for a hundred years. The best part was tossing our bodies over the sides into the chilly river, floating feet first, and looking up to see these places that have been my home and my personal geography for thirty years from the eye level of a fish. Floating past the trees, the towns, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The theme of my life this year seems to be “new perspectives” and once again, I found a new one.

LINKS to LOVE savethekales


A response to ‘Women Against Feminism’. “If you don’t think you need feminism, then that is a victory for the movement. You have fulfilled all those dreams that every suffragette being force-fed in prison and every ‘witch’ burnt at the stake dreamed you would one day.”

This beautiful outfit | and this one | and this one 

The Right to Be Handsome: Clothing for Gender Non-Conforming People on the Rise

I absolutely must mention the mermaid school in the Philippines because nearly thirty people made a point to share it with me, and it’s flattering that ya’ll know where my interests lie

To create a real connection, show vulnerability. “The mistaken assumption is that if people find out who we really are underneath, they’d remove themselves from our lives. The reality is that if we share the ups and downs of our human experience in the right way in the right context, we build deeper connections.”

Animals are so fascinating! Nine Badass Females of the Animal Kingdom

What I Instagrammed VS What Was Really Happening. I loooooove these kinds of posts (Thanks YesandYes for the find)

.. And Bethlehem Vegfest 2014 is less than a month away! Aren’t the posters beautiful?

bethlehem vegfest 2014


Happy weekend!

xo Jaime K


Did you ever have that friend that starts hibernating in the winter, “Oh, it’s too cold to go out and do things” – they are still your friend, they aren’t far away, you just don’t see them often. That’s what this weekly feature has been. That, and it’s been overshadowed by soup.

So, onward to neat stuff and maybe a gift idea or two!

Word BookEnds – I love words. I love reading them, writing them, inventing them and especially when they are used in visual art. Upon looking for a few necessities to spruce up the living room, I came across these bookends that combine many of my most favorite things: text, books and a positive message. All that for LESS than 30 bucks! Yes, they’re pink, but quit being such a party pooper and just paint them a color you’d like more. $29.00 for two, from PB Teen

The Little Prince Pop Up Book This whimsical French classic gets an exciting artistic makeover in the form of a gorgeous pop-up book that children and adults (adults, moreso?) will love.  That’s the book that gave such gems as this:

“People have stars, but they aren’t the same. For travelers, the stars are guides. For other people, they’re nothing but tiny lights. And for still others, for scholars, they’re problems. For my businessman, they were gold. But all those stars are silent stars. You, though, you’ll have stars like nobody else.”

The Pop Up is truly a lovely example of paper art, and inspiring literature. $35.00, bookstores.

Pennsylvania State Pillow – Sometimes, there is a perfect merge of utilitarian object and craftiness that produces a truly simple, but no less AWESOME thing. Check out this cool Pennsylvania Pillow, handmade by a lovely lady residing in California (which also has a super-cool pillow design). These would be GREAT gifts for a friend that just moved, or a couple moving into their first place. There are currently 31 states available in collection. Go look for yours, and get snuggly. PA Pillow, $52.00 by LoveCalifornia.

Silver Eyeglasses Necklace – Nerds and retro librarians rejoice!  Eyeglasses as a fashion forward jewelry. It’s almost like that thing my Gram straps to her glasses so they don’t fall off and hang around her neck, except cooler. And it will go with any outfit! You don’t even need to have poor vision to enjoy this lovely accessory. Wait, this is the best part: ONLY TWELVE DOLLARS. Twelve. Yes, you read that right. (Maybe you need glasses after all.) $12.00 from Nine x Muse

Joan Holloway Felt Finger Puppet –

Um.     You Guys.     Uhh… No, seriously.

I have no words.    I’m impressed.   I’m in love.

I’m humbly admitting that the creator of this is so much cooler than I’ll ever dream to be.

(Also, check out the Allen Ginsberg puppet, and Lloyd Dobler puppet)

$17.00 from AbbeyChristine




Tomorrow I’ll post Part 2 of yesterdays post – a recipe that ties in with the story. Obvious Hint: It involves mushrooms!

Things I Like Thursday! On Friday

A new batch of goodies for you this week:

Vegan Palette by Urban Decay – Urban Decay makes not only some of the BEST eyeshadow out there, they have long been proud to let folks know they don’t do animal testing and make cruelty-free, vegan products. Yesterday I was at  Sephora collecting my free birthday gift (thanks!), and noticed this palette. HOW did I miss the launch of this? Urban Decay isn’t cheap, but absolutely worth it with amazing color payoff, and their palettes are a great way to get more for your money. Six shadows, an eyeliner, and primer portion for $34. Did I mention the gorgeous packaging that literally spells out “We don’t do animal testing… How could anyone?” with illustrations of chubby animals all over. LIMITED EDITION, people. Run, don’t walk.

Sweet and Sour Print – Bold, bright, graphic, and a cute message to boot! This optimistic 8×10 print comes in your choice of colors (green, pink, aqua, orange) and will remind you to turn that frown upside down. Or there’s nothing some good baking can’t fix. Or that you need to go grocery shopping. Even if it’s all of the above, you still end up with some cute art. $23 by DazeyChic via Etsy.

Sweet On Veg Blog
– Truly one of my favorite blogs, Jennifer knows how entice you with recipes and then keep you hanging around for the uplifting bits of inspiration. The whimsical design of her site (the cartoon girl at the top is wearing an “I Love Guacamole” apron!) foreshadows the gorgeous recipe photos and light kindness of her personality.  I think 80% of my veg-idols come from Canada. Thankfully, we don’t need to travel far to enjoy this wonderful blog. When you’re done drooling over recipes, make sure to check out the “Bliss” section for friendly reminders to believe in yourself. Thanks, Jennifer!

Modern Pet Sofa Bed – !!!!!!! Oh my gosh. Someone has entered the deepest parts of my brain and pulled THIS out. This is, basically, the sofa I’ve been saving up for that someone stuck in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids shrinking machine, to make it a perfect posh hangout for Pierogi or other stylish cats and dogs. I wonder if a Dog Dwell magazine exists? The fabric is cotton denim for plush softness, and the bed is strong enough to hold about 160 lbs. This Meis Van Der Rohe inspired pet bed is blowing my mind away… I wish the human-size version was this affordable.  Why can’t your little buddy take interest in interior design, too?  $190 from ModPet via Etsy

Hug a Vegetarian Day (TODAY!) –  Thanks to a random text message I got this morning from peta2, I can now walk around soliciting hugs and have a national reason! Go to this link and get a “Tofu Makes me So So Happy” tshirt, or upload a photo and get a wacky border with japanese animals celebrating your love of soy foods. For so many people, being veg*n is about living a joyful and compassionate life! Look at all these colorful veggies we get to eat, think about the joyful novelty of having a veg*n version of something you haven’t ate in a long time, think about the peace of mind from knowing that you are living in direct alignment for peace to come to all animals, not just our furry pet pals. GO HUG SOMEONE. Woohoo!  Click here to Make one

THINGS I Like THURSDAY! Topic: Begin Again

What is it about cold gray days that make sitting in a coffee shop feel so good? This weather makes me contemplative. I could throw in a cliche here about the seasons changing and how it’s a time for new beginnings, but I think that’s evident.

What I’ve been inspired by in the last 24 hours is the idea of beginning again right now. Right now! When you are finished reading this sentence!

It’s part of my nature to strive to see the good in situations, in people, and even if something negative has happened I can take a lesson from it and make it mean something valuable. But yesterday I found myself wallowing around – thinking too much about things that don’t matter (or even exist outside the thoughts I created!), playing somber music to aid in the wallowing, avoiding communication because something about feeling sort of bad felt good. I don’t know.

It can be so easy to catastrophize a thought, this weird brain-manipulation that can be hard to climb out of. By the evening, I really felt awful for having wasted a day coming up with imaginary situations instead of being productive to feel better.

But then I read something so simple, something so obvious and just forgotten:Tomorrow is a new day. And if you’re really feeling ambitious, you don’t even have to wait for morning to get another chance. You can take one right now.

What a relief! I know I sound like a Lifetime Movie or a high school guidance counselor, but isn’t that sort of incredible? That YOU have the ability to do something RIGHT NOW to change your situation and/or your mind. That’s a simple sentence but a big, big idea.

There’s a Unitarian Universalist church I pass when I walk to the library. They have a big sign out front that says

It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Might Have Been

and the other side says

They Can Because They Think They Can

It’s always a pleasant reminder to see something like that in big, bold letters. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve messed up. You did what you could at the time. It’s okay if you take a day off to hibernate in bed. You can start your plans and projects tomorrow. Don’t feel like if you haven’t achieved everything you wanted in your life right now, you have failed. You haven’t.

Just remember the incredible power of starting over, making changes, constantly improving, and gaining new perspective. Don’t let your worries flood your head. Every moment is another chance.

(The Sad Song print by Doctor Pinky, $23.00 via Etsy)

(New Day print by ErinJane, $16.00 via Etsy)

Things I like Thursday!

VegNews Magazine –  Does this seem a little obvious? I feel a need to point this out specifically because I’ve always assumed that people who read this blog already know about and read VegNews. If you’re already a fan or it’s something new, consider this a short love-letter to the publication. VegNews is a colorful, fun mix of recipes, news, opinion columns, product reviews, and so much more – of all things VEGAN. Recently, they printed “vegan” on the cover (instead of just “veg”) which I consider a big step since they are a mainstream magazine you can pick up in any bookstore.  What’s more, every single page is full of great content, including all the ads (I literally read every ad!). It’s the personality of a great blog, but in coveted print-version. One of my life goals is to write for VegNews, either as a freelance contributor or otherwise. Keepin’ the dream alive!

Oceanography Soaps – What an unusual and lovely set of SOAP! And they smell like “Pirate’s rum and Coconut”. I imagine pirate’s rum is like regular rum but with more RRRRrrrrrrrrrrrum. (Bad joke, I’m sorry.) Check out Steam Bath Factory‘s entire line of gorgeous macabre items, featuring vintage typewriters, edgar allen poe, and more soaps with ventricle heart designs. Halloween us coming up, after all, and these would be a great gift to the host of whatever party you attend! Their body scrubs have scents like Carnival (cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel, raspberries) and Time Traveler (mint and thyme). I want everything. My birthday is coming up, hint-hint.  Set of 3 soaps, $18.00 from Steam Bath Factory via Etsy.

Boots WITHOUT The Furrrr – Fall! Is! Almost! Here! What a perfect excuse to get a new pair of sassy, sexy vegan boots. Aside from not killing anything to make non-leather boots, manmade boots are also much more affordable. What the heck, get a few pair. An online search of “vegan boots” will bring up a LOT of results (be warned: many are ugly), with some real gems in the mix. The pair shown here is by Madden Girl with a great leafy-brown color and super-cute buttons! Only $69.00 via Alternative Outfitters

Wooden Prism Earrings – I love wood accessories for their organic and modern aesthetic. These prism earrings are a gorgeous optical illusion while still being sleek and feminine. Earrings in this line are made from found wood that is etched at then painted. Lightweight but with a BIG impact! There are so many great designs, I don’t know how anyone could choose. If you’re looking for something completely different that will stand out in a positive way, check out the rest of the earrings from Hash and Cheeze’s shop. Set of earrings, $15.00 from Hash and Cheeze via Etsy.

Things I Like Thursdays!

Enjoy this random sampling:

Vegetarian Living UK Magazine – What a gorgeous publication! This magazine is in the realm of VegNews in that it has interviews, product reviews, recipes, and a smattering of other things – but it’s fancier. The photographs are lovely, the products reviewed all have great package design and functionality, and the recipes are simple but fresh. *Note: This is not specifically a VEGAN magazine, some recipes call for eggs and such, but it’s a great chance to practice your substituting skills! Costs $8.99, but worth it.

McDougall Soups – I try to keep a few of these guys in the house at all times. They make a healthy, tasty and quick meal if you’re off to work and don’t have any leftovers to pack. These soups are via Dr. John McDougall (famed doctor, author and advocate of plant-based diets). They are ALL organic and vegan, and come in awesome flavors like Black Bean Lime and “Chicken” Ramen. They are made with natural dehydrated ingredients – no crappy stuff here! Just add water and you have a tasty, healthy, low-fat lunch. And trust me, they are delicious. Approx. $1.79/each.

Lotta Jansdotter’s New Book – She’s done it again.  “Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandanavian Style”, the newest addition to Lotta Jansdotters DIY craft books, is a collection of home decor ideas, flea market finds mixed with modern peices, and of course, how to make your own gorgeous prints. Like most of her books, this one does include stencils to help you make most of the print designs featured in the book, and also recipe cards! This is a great resource to get your mind thinking creatively, and get your home a little more beautiful, too. List price, $29.95 (Amazon has it for $10 off!).

Folding Yoga Mat – If you have to buy exercise equipment that maybe happens to sit in storage too often, it should take up as little precious space as possible, right? I recently discovered this folding yoga mat. This takes care of what happens when you unroll another mat only to find it curled and distorted. This will make it more difficult to find excuses not to exercise. Various brands and prices.

Letterpress Recipe Cards – I confess. Many of my recipes that aren’t in actual books are scribbled haphazardly on tiny pieces of paper scattered around my kitchen. If you’re like me, then you’re due for an upgrade from that, uh, filing system. (Failing system? HA HA.) Take a gander at these gorgeous handmade letterpress recipe cards! The type is hand drawn and turned into letterpress plates. And for the price, you get the whole SET which includes 42 recipe cards in 6 colors, and 7 category divider cards. So pretty, so functional. Let’s make this step together. $29.00 from 1 Canoe 2, via Etsy.


The Nest Magazine – For those of you still in mourning over the death of the long-gone Budget Living magazine and the more recently, hard to comprehend demise of Domino magazine (R.I.P. forever!), be sure to seek out The Nest. Okay, it’s a younger sister to The Knot wedding magazine, and if there’s anything can be called a flaw, it’s that The Nest assumes you are fresh in the beginnings of a heterosexual marriage… BUT. It’s full of tips about home decor and design (everything, even the stuff that’s not my particular taste, is still NICE), easy but impressive recipes (not all vegan, of course, but there are ways to veganize most things!), and a general cheeriness targeted and hip, young people. But not in a pretentious way. It’s filling the void that has been left for a wonderful, creative lifestyle magazine since many are sinking due to the rise of, uh… internet blogs. Ahem.

Colleen / Vegan Treats Hook-up – Upon picking up some  extra work at my old bookstore job (health insurance for only $14/week!), I met my new pal Colleen. We realized that our circles of friends from years past were, in fact, the same circles, and we have likely met 8 years ago and just don’t recall. Anyhow, aside from the fact that she’s a clever graphic designer and a smart, refreshingly spunky lady, her sister just got a job at VEGAN TREATS. That means Colleen is constantly hooked up with donuts, caramel walnut brownies, and goodies like this huge T-rex-sized coconut glazed treat. I feel like she’s a drug supplier, but the drugs are coated in pink sprinkles.

Onion Goggles – I was introduced to these when I was cooking with my client Christa. She looked around the room, tucked her hand into a kitchen drawer, and said with hesitance, “Don’t think I’m crazy… These look stupid but they really work….” and pulled out a pair of these bad boys. WOW. Revolutionary. They do make you look like a mad scientist crossed with a scuba diver, but I say EMBRACE it!!! I can’t wait to get a pair so I don’t run away from the food processor, mascara dripping and burning my eyeballs. Like, I just want to make some salsa, not impair my vision.

Bumble Bars – These were recently on sale at the health food store, so I picked up one in the chai flavor. I was expecting a hard, teeth-hurting bar akin to the honey and sesame seed candies usually found in bulk bins. But au contraire. Instead I got a soft, chewy and wonderfully delicious snack. And gluten-free, vegan and organic means food makes tasty treats for everybody! The chai flavor was awesome, as I’m sure you can imagine. Watch out for other flavors like lemon, cherry chocolate and pineapple coconut.

FREE TRIP TO FLORIDA! – No, I’m not kidding! My boyfriend went to a networking event for work and seriously won the GRAND PRIZE which is a trip to Florida!!! You know what this means? MERMAIDS. Weeki Wachee Springs, you are a beautiful place of nostalgic kitsch and I am going to sneak into the water, turn into a mermaid once and for all, then frolic with manatees and eat cabbages with them.  Oh my gosh.

I went here when I was about 10 years old, and it was a dreamland. I’m beyond excited that I get to go back. I can still recite the ENTIRE “Little Mermaid” show, word for word, because we bought the cassette tape and I played it over and over on the drive home (oh yes, drive – Florida to Pennsylvania, my friends). Sorry, Mom!  I’m going to absolutely freak out and hopefully make a little video of me having sea turtle induced heart attacks and trying on fins.

Things I Like Thursdays!

Let’s just get right into it:

Leap Soaps – I have a deep love with beautiful package design. I may have been seen caressing loaves of bread when Arnold Breads changed their packaging a few years back. Sometimes maybe I slam hard on the breaks when I see a beautifully designed billboard. If you are going to put something out there, make it nice to look at, right? Leap Soap Co. has done just that. Leap Soaps are certified organic, have luscious scents like lemongrass and lavender orange clove. Designs are from artist Charles Bloom. I want ’em.

Cassette Tape Catnip Toys – Since Pierogi has all this space to bat around things around, I’d rather the toys that scatter the floor be something pleasing to look at it (and not a fake mouse with stuffing pouring out. Ew.) These cassette tape catnip toys will make Pierogi the coolest, hippest nostalgic-ironic cat around. Toys are handmade with cotton, and stuffed with high-quality organic catnip. Kitty drugs never looked so cute! $5.99 for 2 cassettes, from The Upstairs Room via Etsy.

Put ‘Em Up, book by Sherri Brooks – I love pickles. I love ’em! Low in fat and calories, simple ingredients, naturally vegan. Unfortunately, GOOD pickles (crispy, fresh and with good flavor) cost a few dollars a jar or from a market. I have been saving up my glass containers to venture into the world of home pickling, and this is the book to help me to do it! Bright colors, and gorgeous design (look at the pages! so beautiful!) plus a ton of color photos and easy directions make this one a winner. First project: Spicy pickled green beans. $19.95,  Put ‘Em Up: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide… by Sherri Brooks.

Lightlife Frozen Meals As much as I love cooking, sometimes I have nothing in the fridge and I have to run out the door to work, a meeting, etc… Thanks to Lightlife brand foods, getting a tasty and healthy meal in a few minutes just got easier. While there are other brans of frozen meals, I just can’t bring myself to spend over $4.00 on something I know I could make for under $2 a serving. Lightlife’s meals are ALL vegetarian (many, not all, are vegan so read labels!), and cost only $2.99 each, which doesn’t break the bank if I throw one or two in my shopping cart. $2.99

This week’ list  is short because I’m the busiest bee! Check back again for next Thursdays list.

THINGS I Like THURSDAYS! July 8 (new weekly installment)

Over here at STK Headquarters, we sure do love alliteration. Hence, “THINGS I Like THURSDAYS!”, a weekly smattering of various items, art, books, films, people, foods, blogs, etc…. THINGS (oh so general) that I just like, and I want to share the wealth.

Here’s the first roundup:

Steel Wire Basket – This is a great mix of rustic/modern geometric and a great addition to your counter, perfect to show off your avocados, potatoes and lemons. $21.00 by Charest Studios, via Etsy.

Black Bus Roll Inspired Tea Towel – Text goes with art like peanut butter with jelly. I love love love typography and words used in items and art, so this tea towel made me whistle. (Corny pun, not even successful.) It is inspired by beautiful vintage bus rolls, and would make a very urban addition to a kitchen to replace a boring towel from the dollar store. BONUS – Towel made from natural hemp and organic cotton, and inks are eco-friendly, too! Hooray! You’re going to want to wash your hands all the time! $18.00 by Yardage Designs, via Etsy.

Let’s Eat Poster – Printmaking is one of my favorite forms of visual art. This poster appears to have come from invitations for what must have been a faaahhhhbulous dinner party made on the artists Gocco press. This poster in larger in scale, 11″ x 14″ including the black mat. Send out invitations that say “Let’s Eat” so your friends can come over and look at this awesome print, once again encouraging them to eat. They better be hungry. $16.00 by Two Gutitars, via Etsy.

Take Us Home Tote Bag – I know you’ve collected them from every grocery store and event, but seriously, who doesn’t love another tote bag? This one is adorable for obvious reasons. Vegetables are our friends, you see, and they want to become a part of your life. They want you to caress them in your hands, and later they are happy to nourish you. What sweethearts! Wow, thank you vegetables, everyone was right about you! This is a 3-color silkscreened bag, a good size at 15″ x 16″, ideal for hauling $16.00 by Bang Bang You’re Thread, via Etsy.

Veggie Print – Say my name, say my name… Continuing with the theme of talking vegetables, take a gander at this adorable print from the same artist as the above tote bag. I love vegetables as the subjects of art prints, and this one has it all: beautiful design, text, gorgeous color, and even the often left-out tofu! Say your names loud and proud, young vegetables. $15.00 by Bang Bang You’re Thread, via Etsy.