It’s Going to Be OK

It’s OK to turn down something that will drain you, even if the cause is good.

It’s OK to block or unfollow that social media account that triggers your insecurities.

Its OK to say you already have plans even if your plans are napping with your cat.

It’s OK to respectfully leave behind the people and things who don’t serve you so you can make time for the ones who do.

You’re not a bad person. The world will keep turning.



6 thoughts on “It’s Going to Be OK

    • I’ve found myself losing hours scrolling through newsfeeds of people I didn’t know or remember, or getting emotionally involved with things that don’t concern me — and for what? Get rid of it. Get back to you. You are SO right about getting to choose. ❤

  1. Thank you for this reminder. It came at a perfect time when I was trying to make a decision about taking on a research project I’d love to do if I had more time, but knew it would stretch me too thin. I declined and felt immediate relief xo

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