The Noise of Failure Growing Beautiful

I’ve been reading and re-reading Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird, which is — and I’m choosy about the books I describe this way — probably the best book I’ve ever read on the subject of writing.

It includes this poem, perfect for a September Monday (which is, by nature, different than other-month Mondays).

August in Waterton, Alberta by: Bill Holm

Above me, the wind does it’s best

to blow leaves off

the aspen tree a month too soon.

No use wind. All you succeed

in doing is making music, the noise

of failure growing beautiful.

Waterton Lakes National Park


I’m working on “Jaime K’s Guide to Autumn, Pt. I”, which acknowledges the impossibility of talking about autumn in a short, singular way. I’ll describe the best books, movies and outfits among other things, for hands-down the best season of (f)all.