TALKING TO PHOEBE: Podcasts and TV Shows and Vegan Body Image and Bravery

What an honor to have been interviewed by the kind and creative Phoebe of Phoebe’s Pure Food blog, print magazine, and host of a podcast and web TV show! She’s one of those people who are so genuine and good, and somehow have more time than the rest of us to tackle a ton of create projects and do all of them alarmingly well.

As I said, she has a lot going on, so below you’ll find a two-part Youtube interview (which can also be consumed in audio form), and a podcast interview with Phoebe and guest host Nan from Chubby Pickle Farm.

The People Chronicles TV Show

Part One – We discuss: Starting before you’re ready. My transition to vegan eating. Another transition to HEALTHFUL vegan eating. Choosing a blog/business name. Being vegan + body image expectations.

Part Two – We discuss: In-fighting in the vegan community. Finding lessons when people get critical (and letting go of the jerky stuff). Worrying about projecting a false image of perfection. Vulnerability and Authenticity. Making food and information accessible. Healthy bodies AND minds.

“No one ever says, ‘You’re too fat to care about marriage equality!’, but for some reason people say ‘How can you be vegan and be fat?'”

 You can listen to the 22-minute interview in audio RIGHT HERE.

2 Weird Hungry Girls Podcast 2 weird hungry girls

Oh, this was fun. Just a few ladies chattin’ about food and small business, body image and bravery. Also, summer recipes, wiener dogs and must-have kitchen tools. (I get such good energy from talking to creative, positive people and this made me want to get a jumpstart on my own podcast!) Listen HERE or download in iTunes.

2 weird hungry girls with jaime k

Technically, THREE weird hungry girls. Nan of Chubby Pickle Farm, Phoebe of Phoebe’s Pure Food, and me!

 Check out Phoebe’s website | facebook |instagram | twitter

Visit Nan’s Facebook page

 It’s so wonderful when we can support, encourage and uplift each other! I hope you’ll follow their journeys and maybe be inspired to take a leap of your own. Sincerest of thanks to Nan, and especially Phoebe. (Phoebe also gave me a gift of vegan cheesecake, and homemade lilac syrup and blackberry jam, so… Have I mentioned how much I love her?)

RED RADIO PODCAST INTERVIEW: “Vegan Positivity with Jaime K”

Listen to my interview HERE.

(Interview starts about 22-minutes in, and can be streamed above or downloaded via iTunes by searching: Red Radio Episode 36)

Erin Red, Red Radio podcast

After years of resisting Twitter, finally using it lead me to discover an absolutely wonderful podcast with an energetic, passionate host and a focus on almost any vegan topic you can imagine as she interviews folks that run of the gamut of movers-and-shakers in the veg community.

Erin Red hosts the podcast “Red Radio”. She’s a trained improv actor and animal activist, and her distinctive voice and personality are so evident in her interviews, making them really unique and special. She has interviewed many of my favorite people (including Mellisser Elliott, Dreena Burton, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau) and discussed topics like gay rights + animal rights, “black culture” among vegans, pop culture, events and getting down and dirty about sex. Hey now!

The morning before I was interviewed I was so nervous, I nearly changed my mind.

I knew it was important to be honest about my journey, my past, and the path to where I am now. I was nervous because… there are some messy parts (as most of ours have been at some time). I’ve seen the way people latch on to sentences or sound bites and use them out of context as fuel to condemn someone, and I was worried about this.

There are parts of my vegan journey I am embarrassed and ashamed of, and opening up about them (despite not even really delving into them, but discussing them “publicly” in any capacity) made me very, very scared. I don’t want the integrity of what I do to be questioned because of where I was back then. 

Here’s the thing about mistakes and regrets: Since no one has invented a time machine, our only other choice is to learn from them and act on those lessons.

People can debate you and judge you or make assumptions, but they won’t change what happened. But I think within our weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses) lie opportunities for real connection. And that’s what made this podcast interview so special.

One thing I said in the interview that sums it all up:

“We talk a lot about veganism saving animals, but I really think it can help us save ourselves.”

At the end of our interview, Erin included a TED talk on the subject of: vulnerability. It’s absolutely beautiful, and if we could remember the points made I think we could all go through a world a little more understanding, a little kinder.

Keep up with Erin and her work — she’s sure to spark the fire in your belly.

This is the letter I sent to Erin the next day (after the cut):

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“Speak your Truth”.

My exercise of choice is running. I started a few years ago when I found myself feeling out of shape, and noticed all the time I spent complaining and feeling bad about it could be spent actually doing something to change it (imagine that!).

Last year I started searching for podcasts to keep me company during runs, and came upon something so wonderful you must believe when I tell you it has been, quite literally, life-changing. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau  is a Vegan Warrior to say the least. She is a cookbook author, writer, podcast producer, a teacher of cooking classes and lectures – to name a few.

You can find out about all of her endeavors through her website, Compassionate Cooks (.com) – and here’s a short video where she talks about her transition to veganism.

Today I want to draw your attention to her podcast, “Vegetarian Food for Thought”.  I was searching for something that would give me some recipe ideas, and what I found in this podcast is so much more! For starters, Colleen is very well-spoken and deeply intelligent. Her vocabulary alone will make you feel smarter, but it is the eloquence with which she speaks about issues often times difficult to articulate. Topics range from favorite foods to the historical context of vegetarianism to how to be the lone vegan at a party.

She can talk about lentils for twenty minutes and make it interesting. More than that, her enthusiasm and encouragement  for a more peaceful world, and a deeper understanding of self and others are the invaluable gifts you will gain as a listener.  Never “preachy” and always inspiring, Colleen has become a personal hero and one of the factors that motivated me to start this blog!

Go, right now, to itunes and find the podcast “Vegetarian Food for Thought” and download every episode. And keep an eye out for her cookbooks at your local bookstore, “The Joy of Vegan Baking” and “The Vegan Table”.