Sweet Relief + Forks Over Knives Giveaway!

After three days of a stomach bug, I’m finally feeling human again. Thank goodness, just in time for the Color Me Rad color run this weekend in Bethlehem – will you be there?

To celebrate eating food and feeling healthy (heck, just normal), I’m giving away a blu-ray copy of Forks Over Knives! Cause health feels good.

Grateful to have a morning full of banana ice cream.

Grateful to have a morning full of banana ice cream.

To win:

Leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see on an upcoming episodes of Save the Kales! TV show, and/or a written post here on the blog.

You can leave comments on –  Facebook or Twitter

I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner in June!

Being sick after such a wonderful few weeks was a drag, but I got to sleep for a hundred hours and catch up on goofy paranormal ghost reality shows. You know, the important things. Looking forward to getting back to work and filling you in on cooking for Joan Jett, being featured on Our Hen House, and writing an article for the next issue of a beautiful magazine. 

Be well. xo

Things I like Thursday!

VegNews Magazine –  Does this seem a little obvious? I feel a need to point this out specifically because I’ve always assumed that people who read this blog already know about and read VegNews. If you’re already a fan or it’s something new, consider this a short love-letter to the publication. VegNews is a colorful, fun mix of recipes, news, opinion columns, product reviews, and so much more – of all things VEGAN. Recently, they printed “vegan” on the cover (instead of just “veg”) which I consider a big step since they are a mainstream magazine you can pick up in any bookstore.  What’s more, every single page is full of great content, including all the ads (I literally read every ad!). It’s the personality of a great blog, but in coveted print-version. One of my life goals is to write for VegNews, either as a freelance contributor or otherwise. Keepin’ the dream alive!

Oceanography Soaps – What an unusual and lovely set of SOAP! And they smell like “Pirate’s rum and Coconut”. I imagine pirate’s rum is like regular rum but with more RRRRrrrrrrrrrrrum. (Bad joke, I’m sorry.) Check out Steam Bath Factory‘s entire line of gorgeous macabre items, featuring vintage typewriters, edgar allen poe, and more soaps with ventricle heart designs. Halloween us coming up, after all, and these would be a great gift to the host of whatever party you attend! Their body scrubs have scents like Carnival (cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel, raspberries) and Time Traveler (mint and thyme). I want everything. My birthday is coming up, hint-hint.  Set of 3 soaps, $18.00 from Steam Bath Factory via Etsy.

Boots WITHOUT The Furrrr – Fall! Is! Almost! Here! What a perfect excuse to get a new pair of sassy, sexy vegan boots. Aside from not killing anything to make non-leather boots, manmade boots are also much more affordable. What the heck, get a few pair. An online search of “vegan boots” will bring up a LOT of results (be warned: many are ugly), with some real gems in the mix. The pair shown here is by Madden Girl with a great leafy-brown color and super-cute buttons! Only $69.00 via Alternative Outfitters

Wooden Prism Earrings – I love wood accessories for their organic and modern aesthetic. These prism earrings are a gorgeous optical illusion while still being sleek and feminine. Earrings in this line are made from found wood that is etched at then painted. Lightweight but with a BIG impact! There are so many great designs, I don’t know how anyone could choose. If you’re looking for something completely different that will stand out in a positive way, check out the rest of the earrings from Hash and Cheeze’s shop. Set of earrings, $15.00 from Hash and Cheeze via Etsy.