Sick Times call for Instant Soup (That’s not Full of Crap)

I’ve come down with whatever annoying cold 30% of everyone I know has had or currently has. THANKS, GUYS.

That said, I’ve not been cooking as much as I’ve been flopping on various pieces of soft furniture and devouring guilty-pleasure books and library movies I’m too embarrassed to mention. But a lady needs to eat, even if it’s just a cup of soup at 4pm!

Thankfully I had some instant soups left over from Ryan’s MANLY CAMPING/KAYAKING TRIP TO MAINE!!! a few months ago. (He still has a scar from when he “rescued his grandfather from the rapids”. Yes. Ask him to show you.) That was interesting because we had to pack non-perishable vegan food, enough for one week.

Vegan Corn Chowder

This is where this food post is a cop-out: I found these soups in the organic soup section of Wegmans. I simply followed the directions (add water! heat on the stove!), added some cannellini beans for protein and felt like I had done something really fancy when I added some parsley. Woooow.

ANYWAY. I’m posting because if you aren’t already sick but find yourself to be in the future, get a few packs of this soup (the company, Taste Adventure,  has a few other vegan soups as well) so you don’t have to debate running out to the store which would mean you’d have to put on real clothes. 

Taste Adventures brand Corn Chowder

It’s worth mentioning that the corn chowder is only full of whole foods – not a single chemical-sounding thing in it! It also has a thick, creamy texture which makes up the bulk of the soup thanks to dried pea flour.

Nothing glamorous, but hearty and warming on a sick, gray October day.