VEGAN CUTS SNACK BOX, March 2013: Goodies and Treats and some Body Sugar, sugar.

If the only real-mail you receive are bills and those annoying packets of coupons for fast food chains, sign up for monthly Snack Boxes from Vegan Cuts and make mail fun again!

Vegan Cuts, an animal-friendly coupon site (excellent in it’s own right), has put together the very best in Surprises You Already Know About. That is, you’ll know you’ll have a box of goodies coming, but you won’t know what they are until you open it.

Oh, the suspense! The anticipation!

Great stuff. Making things difficult for indecisive people.

Great stuff. Making things difficult for indecisive people.

Every month has a different variety of snack samples and products. The March box has ten (TEN!) different items to eat up or slather on, or I suppose, if you’re feeling frisky – both?

In the March box (clockwise):

The best part of this snack box (I mean, aside from a BOX OF SNACKS ARRIVING ON YOUR DOORSTEP) is that it costs less than $20.

Boxes are only $19.95!

Go go go… get a subscription! Then get one for a friend. It’s the gift that keeps on giving if you sign up for a multi-month subscription. 

Head over to Vegan Cuts to get the latest updates on the BEST offers on always, all-vegan products, like gorgeous handbags and scented candles to jewelry and DVDs. I’d take one of everything.