(LIVE)LOCAL AND VEGAN: Community Events and Black Forest Deli!

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If you are, or know, a local restauranteur – please understand that while veg folks don’t make up the majority of the  population, there are a lot of us. And there are a lot of folks that eat options that happen to be vegetarian or vegan if they are offered.

Also, veg*ns talk about food A LOT. A LOT. All the time. And when it’s discovered that there is a local place with tasty, veg food, word spreads fast and people will flock.

Which is why I, quite frankly, lost my head when I heard that the pierogies at Black Forest Deli were VEGAN.

If you’re new to the blog, let me explain: Pierogies have always been a staple in my life. They are my  number one nostalgic “comfort food”. As local lore has it, my favorite dream was when I was trapped inside a giant pierogi and had to eat my way out. My cat is named “Pierogi”.  I have a great deal of deep-rooted love for those little potato pockets of bliss.

Last week, Alison and I were working the livelocal* table for an event, and got some of the tasty Black Forst Deli creations for dinner, pierogies included!

Pierogies from Black Forest Deli! Potato, Sauerkraut, and CHERRY! Hearts aflutter!

Hello, I'm Jaime K and I'm the HAPPIEST LADY IN THE LAND!

We also got some delicious borsch which we ate later that evening around a fire in my yard, all cozied up in borrowed hoodies and life philosophies. And THIS wonderful salad. Vica (“Vee-kah”) the owner just piled a bunch of delicious veggies and herbs on top of each other, AND included avocado for bonus points.

I ate this and turned into Wonder Woman.

 The great thing about Bethlehem is that you hardly ever hear of competitive attitudes, even among folks in the same businesses. Everyone just seems so happy to live in a place that has an always-increasing community vibe!

When folks came to our livelocal* table to buy a raffle ticket (for $2 you can win AWESOME prizes – seriously awesome, like a free night in a B&B, a helicopter ride around the LV, a Save the Kales! gift card, etc etc etc…) they got to try a sample of some of my food! I had nothing left by the night’s end!

Thumbs up, George and Kelly!

Save the Kales! pizza is healthy and kid-friendly!

Seriously, LOOK at that face.

Surprise visit from this handsome fellow!

Aside from running a great deli with tasty and healthy food, Vica also began a networking group for small business owners in the Lehigh Valley. Earlier this week, we met at Sophistikate to get to know one another. Everyone has been a wealth of information for a new business lady like myself.

Sophistikate hosts Small Business Owners meeting.

More photos under the cut!

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