Things I Like Thursday! On Friday

A new batch of goodies for you this week:

Vegan Palette by Urban Decay – Urban Decay makes not only some of the BEST eyeshadow out there, they have long been proud to let folks know they don’t do animal testing and make cruelty-free, vegan products. Yesterday I was at  Sephora collecting my free birthday gift (thanks!), and noticed this palette. HOW did I miss the launch of this? Urban Decay isn’t cheap, but absolutely worth it with amazing color payoff, and their palettes are a great way to get more for your money. Six shadows, an eyeliner, and primer portion for $34. Did I mention the gorgeous packaging that literally spells out “We don’t do animal testing… How could anyone?” with illustrations of chubby animals all over. LIMITED EDITION, people. Run, don’t walk.

Sweet and Sour Print – Bold, bright, graphic, and a cute message to boot! This optimistic 8×10 print comes in your choice of colors (green, pink, aqua, orange) and will remind you to turn that frown upside down. Or there’s nothing some good baking can’t fix. Or that you need to go grocery shopping. Even if it’s all of the above, you still end up with some cute art. $23 by DazeyChic via Etsy.

Sweet On Veg Blog
– Truly one of my favorite blogs, Jennifer knows how entice you with recipes and then keep you hanging around for the uplifting bits of inspiration. The whimsical design of her site (the cartoon girl at the top is wearing an “I Love Guacamole” apron!) foreshadows the gorgeous recipe photos and light kindness of her personality.  I think 80% of my veg-idols come from Canada. Thankfully, we don’t need to travel far to enjoy this wonderful blog. When you’re done drooling over recipes, make sure to check out the “Bliss” section for friendly reminders to believe in yourself. Thanks, Jennifer!

Modern Pet Sofa Bed – !!!!!!! Oh my gosh. Someone has entered the deepest parts of my brain and pulled THIS out. This is, basically, the sofa I’ve been saving up for that someone stuck in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids shrinking machine, to make it a perfect posh hangout for Pierogi or other stylish cats and dogs. I wonder if a Dog Dwell magazine exists? The fabric is cotton denim for plush softness, and the bed is strong enough to hold about 160 lbs. This Meis Van Der Rohe inspired pet bed is blowing my mind away… I wish the human-size version was this affordable.  Why can’t your little buddy take interest in interior design, too?  $190 from ModPet via Etsy

Hug a Vegetarian Day (TODAY!) –  Thanks to a random text message I got this morning from peta2, I can now walk around soliciting hugs and have a national reason! Go to this link and get a “Tofu Makes me So So Happy” tshirt, or upload a photo and get a wacky border with japanese animals celebrating your love of soy foods. For so many people, being veg*n is about living a joyful and compassionate life! Look at all these colorful veggies we get to eat, think about the joyful novelty of having a veg*n version of something you haven’t ate in a long time, think about the peace of mind from knowing that you are living in direct alignment for peace to come to all animals, not just our furry pet pals. GO HUG SOMEONE. Woohoo!  Click here to Make one