Stuff yourself with stuffed (toy) food.

Over the weekend I was conducting ridiculous ebay searches, and found something truly incredible: stuffed animal tofu dolls in various colors! They are even marketed as “collectibles”. Holy gosh! They are so cute! Today, I bring you some of the cutest vegan-related food and animal toys.  Is there anyone that doesn’t like chubby little plush versions of regular everyday things? These should feed the kid in you.

These are the items that kicked off my newfound obsession with plush food. I went on ebay and searched “tofu” and found these silly, ridiculous but unabashedly awesome tofu stuffed-animals (stuffed NON-animals?). I am completely in love. The next time I have very dispensable income, you will all be mine!  And lest we forget about this HUGE TOFU that can sit on a chair in your kitchen and watch you cook! I KNOW, RIGHT!?

Friends, my birthday is in September. Hint hint.

Onward to other cute stuffed foods:

Here is an adorable set of felt veggies! I love the speckled zucchini and brown underside of the mushroom cap. Is it weird that I want to put these in a bowl in my kitchen? I bet they are soft enough that even Pierogi would crawl in and snuggle up with the green beans. More awesome felt fruits and vegetables are found in the Etsy shop, like watermelons and slicable (!) kiwis, and spaghetti with veggie-meatballs. Set from Felt Playground, $22.50 for 5 vegetables.

If you’re crafty and wield a mean crochet hook, consider buying this pattern for a vegetable garden! For a few dollars, you can make your very own window planter box and “grow” crocheted potatoes, carrots, turnips and onions. A simple change of yarn color and you can make even more vegetables, like radishes and beets! I LOVE the idea of making this for a new baby. So much more hip than the usual crochet baby blanket. Pattern from Crafty Anna, only $5.oo!

Why should humans all the fun? For some of the most truly unique cat toys you’ve ever seen, you have to check out the shop of OhBoy CatToy. All toys are made with organic catnip inside. For $10, you get a set of 2 tacos. Some of the other toys include: VanGogh’s ear, a beer mug with eyes, a camera, a roll of toilet paper, and I’m hesitant to say a... bearded clam. I wonder if they’ll ever make a pierogi, and then I could say “Pierogi is chewing on a pierogi!”. That’s kind of weird. Nonetheless, these are cute and weird and totally original. If cat toys have to be sprawled all over the living room floor, they may as well be conversation-starters. Check out OhBoy CatToy, toys starting at $3.00.


“Cabbage: A vegetable about as large and wise as a man’s head.”

It’s going to be a series of gray, windy days, so let’s lighten things up with some art, shall well? While searching for products for my “packing a lunch” post, I accidentally stumbled upon a very neat theme of printed art on Etsy – vegetable art!

Stay with me, guys. I’m not talking about those potato-prints you did in 2nd grade… although, they were pretty neat. I mean these very neat posters and stationary cards from clever print artists. For very reasonable prices, these beauties would look so cute framed and hung in your kitchen! Get rid of the rooster or sunflower themes you currently have (please!?), and try something handmade and kitschy instead.

This Corn Nerd print by Wonderthunder is the print that inspired this entry! Corn!!! Wearing GLASSES! And an argyle SCARF! Could anything be cuter and better than this? Is it wrong of me to say that the corn is kind of… attractive? Print is 6″ x 12″, and is one of only 50 made. All this for only $10. Go here and see the rest of the shop for more prints of food in clothes, and the cutest slice-of-bread pillow you’ve ever seen!

I love type and text in art! The colors in this one are bold and bright. This is a series of “signs” the artist made in honor of some phrases that parents tell their kids over and over, like Eat Your Vegetables. “Use this series to remind your kids to toe the line, or to keep a spouse or significant other on the straight and narrow.” You tell ’em!  No one will ever forget the brussels sprouts again. Cost $60 at:

How can so many wonderful things fit in one print? Letterpress type, retro inspired design, Farmers Markets, and that lovely green cabbage! My eyes can’t handle it, I need sunglasses to help with the radiation of awesome. This Farmers Market Produce print is one of many by YeeHaw designs. Simply lovely, and for only $25! See the rest of their fresh colorful produce art here:

Do you know a veg-couple that needs a wedding or housewarming gift? Check out this Delectable Duo. Artichokes and mushrooms love each other in real life, too, I’m quite sure. You get both prints as a handsome set, for a mere $40. They are limited edition of 80/each, so click here and order some right away!

Have you ever looked at a block of tofu and thought, “Gee, you’re cute”? I know I can’t be the only one! Now you can get all your tofu-hugs out without making a mess of your clothes and wasting food. This Plush Tofu Pirate wants to be squeezed, and he could make a cute gift for a veggie child, too. Why is he a pirate? Why NOT a pirate, I say! Yarrr he’s only $12, go here or walk the plank:

Where my gardeners at!? I am so envious of anybody with a tiny plot of land for which to grow their own food. I’ve tried basil plants many times, and it always ended in tragedy. If you have a garden, I have some plants for you. 1. Give me some of your lovely veggies, please 2. Get this awesome Grow Your Own Food print and show your pride! Gardening is cool, and this proves it.  Only $20 – this and many more fantastic prints here:

Did you know vegetables could be so elegant? I am in love with set of 10 Bahay Kubo prints, all made with oil-based ink and colors are hand painted. Each print has a vegetable, and the Filipino name of the vegetable at the bottom. These can be ordered individually, but for only $65 the entire set would look perfect framed and scattered around your kitchen! Shop here:

What vegetable do you think is the most fun to look at? The many layers of the pointy artichoke? The soft smooth purple of an eggplant? Tell me!