VEGAN SIGHTINGS: ReadyMade Magazine!

*New category “Vegan Sightings” will be a space to document some of the places veganism and related topics make an appearance in unexpected, non-specifically-veg related outlets.

Getting the newest issue of ReadyMade Magazine this month proved more exciting than usual, as all of this issue’s recipes are vegan! 


Beautiful photos. Inspiring articles.

Food is so pretty. You know? It should be in beauty pageants.

 ReadyMade is one of the best magazines – it’s focus is on DIY home projects, sensible re-use, turning nothing into something. If you don’t already own power tools (or worse, feel intimidated by them), this magazine will encourage you to take some for a spin. But have no fear – there are often projects that just require a little paint or some glue.

And! And and and…

In a twist of fate, or just good timing, the rest of the issue is dedicated to first time/new home buyers!


Hm. Here’s an article about an attractive young couple that purchased a two-story brick house with a porch, a nice yard and neighborhood, and how they turned it into a cheery eclectic-modern home. HMMM. VERY INTERESTING. Does this sound like anyone you know!?!? (*If not, perhaps it will in a month or two. Cross all your fingers/toes/limbs.)

More of this.

Thank you READYMADE for being generally inspirational and including so much goodness in this issue. On newsstands now, folks! Go get it!