I’m stilled editing the videos from the trip to Providence, RI but wanted to share some of the better parts in photos. Unfortunately, most of the SUPER, AMAZING food was captured on video only, but we still managed to get some goodies, such as:

This horrible, horrible image placement on the back of the bus. The little chubby guy in a hat cartoon is actually quite cute when his face isn’t over a vent in the bus that gives him a perfect Hitler mustache. How did this get approved!?

The saddest sub-category of books I’ve ever seen. Anti-Optimism?! Who does that!? After this I balanced it by going to a section called “Kittens and Glitter”.

This is a most excellent cooperative venue called AS220 – they teach silkscreening classes, have an art gallery, live music, and so much wonderful vegan food. The video will include us eating here stuffing our faces with copious amounts of vegan Mac n’ Cheese with broccoli raab, among other things.

I appreciate the use of the sad face in this bathroom graffiti.

Took about a 20-block walk to this place, Julian’s, where we had an awesome brownie dessert with rice milk ice cream and took a vegan cheesesteak which we ate for breakfast the next morning.

On Day 2, we spent a good deal of time at the Culinary Museum and Johnson and Wales University. About 1/4th of the entire museum was devoted to diners – their beginnings, history, revitalizations, etc… and I was in my glory. Wish my Dad could see it! It made me nostalgic.

This was the coolest! This display combined from information about diners and the 1939 World’s Fair, the latter of which is also a fascination and interest of mine. My dad collected ’39 World’s Fair memorabilia. I have good memories of wandering around antique malls and getting him the best Christmas gifts. I saw this and my heart swelled!

This place had the best interactive exhibits!

Just me hangin’ out with my prize winning cow, before the two of us went into the pasture to eat some greens. Grass and kale, respectively.

If someone shot me with the Honey I Shrunk the Kids ray gun, I would live in this. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper but nothing I can’t handle.

A really wacky, handpainted chef’s jacket is an homage to Julia Child. It’s so silly and I love it. If any of you want to expand your artistic abilities, let’s make one for Save the Kales! I will rock that thing with pride.

An area of the museum was devoted to local companies and foods, and there was a great display about Tomato Pie (essentially, vegan pizza – a sicilian style baked dough with tomato sauce to be consumed hot or cold). The description said this is a “must have” for every party or gathering by residents of Providence, which is how those of us from Wilkes-Barre, PA feel about Middleswarth BBQ chips.

Check back soon for the videos that feature a LOT of the awesome food we consumed, some new recipes, and a menu so those of you locally can order batches of food weekly!


Let’s go in order:

  • 1. Our local newspaper is having a Best Blogs Contest, and Save the Kales! is nominated! (My other blog, HEART OF STEELcity, is also nominated, but more on that in a minute.) There are many blogs in many categories – go, check ’em out, and vote for your favorite. (I’d love it if it happened to be mine, of course, but check ’em all out!)

There are a few corporate blogs thrown in, and while they do awesome things and I mean no disrespect, I’d love to see this contest won by people who write first and formost because they are passionate about what they do, and passionate about contributing to making the Valley great, not just because they make a salary to do so. I’d love to see independent writers get recognition that comes from winning the contest since they aren’t the ones with marketing departments behind them.

A blog can only win one category, so while some of us are nominated for several, I’d love to see your votes go to: a) Save the Kales in FOOD b) and HEART OF STEELcity in NEIGHBORHOOD

Thank you in advance, and best of luck to my friends and fellow bloggers for keeping a caring, DIY vibe to the Lehigh Valley through your observations.

GO HERE TO VOTE (only once a day, but you can do it EVERY day!)

  • 2) Two weekends ago, Ryan and I took an overnight trip to Providence, RI which was essentially a food tour and documentation of said food tour. I’m currently editing a 2-part video full of delicious foods, drinks and excellent establishments that have both. This will come in handy if you every find yourself in Providence, or give you good reason to plan a trip!

Fancy painting of some cows in the hotel lobby. I don't see enough cow art.

Vegan white russians, cheesesteak wraps, mac and cheese, and brownie + ice cream desserts galore. Also a visit to the Culinary Museum at Johnson and Wales University. SO fun!

  • 3) My new blog post at the aforementioned HEART OF STEELcity blog documents our visit to a Turkish restaurant in Allentown. Um, you guys. This has been here forever but it’s new to me and it’s literally MY NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANT. Tons and tons of vegan options.

If you live nearby or visit from out of town, you need to go here, and you need to take me with you. I can’t stop thinking about it. I may write a love letter. Dear baba ghanoush, I like you, do you like me? Check one box.

You can see photos and read about it here:  HEART OF STEELcity

  • 4) Thank you to everyone who reached out after my last post about my father’s death and how it lead me to a veg-diet. Your posted comments and personal messages directly sent to me have shown, once again, how lucky I am to have the kindest folks in the world supporting me and you are all a testament to the kindness of people, the good in all hearts. I reflect on your words in times of sadness, and then feel brighter and better when I think about them, and you. Thank you. So much.

One of my favorite artists ever, he makes my heart and eyeballs feel good, Rob Ryan