SUGAR DUMPLIN’, YOU’RE MY BABY: Prince Palace Dumpling House

One of the sweetest ladies I’ve met through working with The Bethlehem Food Co-op is moving to Asia to teach (lucky duck!), and some really tasty dumplings were brought to her going-away party.

My friend Colleen is one of my favorite people to talk to about food, and one of the first few to tell me about Prince Palace Dumpling House, but she ties winning the Food Friend award  with Cathy because she brought a million of them to the party and we stood around the kitchen, trying to be polite and only taking one at a time instead of doing what we all wanted to do, which was take an entire container into another room and lock the door.

I’m getting ahead of myself… But I can tell you that the very next day, after the party, I couldn’t stop thinking about these crack-dumplings so I set off to find the place myself.

Prince Palace Dumpling House

It’s located about a mile past the Bethlehem Wegman’s on Center Street in a building that could have been an Italian restaurant (?).  It’s not fancy, but it’s good, particularly evident as they have the large size bottle of sriracha on the table at all times.

The veg options are few, but mighty.  But here’s the thing: You go here for the dumplings and steamed buns. Even if the menu had a few more items, those are the things I would order.

Vegetable steamed bun

The vegetable dumplings are thick and doughy and and full of cabbage, mushrooms and vermicelli noodles.  The vegetable steamed buns have the same filling, but the texture is a fluffy, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth airy dough that is slightly sweet. Note to self: This will be great comfort food in the middle of winter.

Wait, wait… not only are these homemade and completely authentic, they are CHEAP. No, like… CHEAP cheap. The steamed buns and the dumplings were each about $4.00 per order. Hot tea (which was a delicious jasmine) is free.

To break that down, two people ate a delicious filling meal for EIGHT DOLLARS. $8.00!!! You almost feel guilty like you are somehow ripping them off? Also note, you can buy bags of frozen steamed buns with 50 buns for about $18.00 — a great idea next time you’re having a party.

They also have bubble tea (ask for soy or coconut milk), udon soup, and smattering of other goodies. I’m not sure about the ingredients for every dish, so of course, ask questions about fish sauce or eggs if you order something else.

They have juicy buns on the menu which are made with meat and gelatin, but just TRY to stop saying “juicy buns” the rest of the day. I dare you.

Check out their Facebook Page, and reviews and photos on Yelp.