Julieanna Hever, Plant-Based Dietician TED Talk

I tried to get to as many of Julieanna’s presentations as possible last week (I think I saw four, including part of this talk!) because her energy and enthusiasm is remarkable.¬†And, can’t lie, I liked to see what she was wearing. You’ll see a little more of her in the next episode of the TV show as part of my “video diary” from Summerfest!

She had the distinguished honor to be a speaker for TED (watch anything/everything put out by them – all inspiring, wonderful, fantastic stuff on a wide range of topics – and you will feel smarter too).


“Think of the possibilities if you are constantly reinventing yourself most of the time!”

There’s some VERY exciting news about her but I don’t think it’s officially announced yet, so I won’t spill the beans… but keep an eye on this lady!