“I Just Want to…..”

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In the past week, I’ve had the same conversation many times, always  varied because of the people engaged but the theme is the  same. At some point, the person I was talking to said, “I just want to <fill this in with an activity they love> every day, make enough money to support myself, and be happy to do it every morning when I wake up.”

For some, it’s music, fashion or community planning. For others, it’s creating art, designing websites, baking beautifully decorated cakes, inspiring more people with words of encouragement.

For me, I found myself emailing the following to a friend:

I just want to do good things. Not make a million dollars. Just get in better shape financially and professionally, cook food that people enjoy and can feel good about, that helps people and the earth and animals, to live with love every day. That is my goal, that is what I want.

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And part of her correspondence was:

I know you’re going to look back at some point and breathe a huge sigh of relief. I know that you will keep doing what your heart has been telling you to do. I know that everything has its timeframe and plan, and sometimes we don’t know what’s coming, but we keep going until we hit a wall or the universe opens up into a world we didn’t even think existed beyond our dreams. Sometimes we don’t even dare to dream anything other than what we know, because of all of the roadblocks and negative people and energy (and bills!). But, when we take those steps away from what we know we don’t want or what we no longer will tolerate, the path always appears.

Before making the switch from full time job to cooking-as-a-fulltime-job, I found a book (well, I found many books, but this one in particular) that helped put the need for change in perspective. Snap, Crackle or Stop by Barbara Quinn came to me by way of a library book sale. While I was initially drawn to the cover design, the content was like a sassy friend holding a career intervention.

The first two sentences of the book are: “I am convinced we have the power to master our own destiny. It all comes down to choosing passion over the ordinary and for accepting that our fate is what we make it.”

There is so much incredible wisdom and straight-forward insight in this book, it’s nearly impossible to choose excerpts, but here we go:

If you do nothing to make the change, nothing is what you’ll get.

The hard work has to start with you. No one else can tell you. Deep down you probably know or could describe your fantasy job. Sooner or later, you are going to have to admit it out loud to someone.

Don’t give in to complacency. Being average is tragic.

We have a hard time accepting that we can do anything. The only thing stopping us is us.

How many more years can you convince yourself that “good enough” is okay? Would you want that for your spouse, your children? If a loved one was very sick and you could take them to a nearby doctor that was fine, or make a long drive overnight to another city to see one of the best specialists to treat that condition, would you really go to the local doctor because it’s more convenient?

When did convenience become more important than passion?

I’m not in any way trying to say it’s just soo easy. For years I had been telling myself: I need more money. I need to pay off more debt. I need more formal education. Someone else has more experience. I don’t know where to start. It would be irresponsible toward my family if I just picked up and did whatever I felt like.

So I ask you, if you have those same thoughts: Are all of those things MORE IMPORTANT than finding ways to work toward doing what you love every day and getting paid for it? (And don’t you think making money at something that brings you joy every day is, on the contrary, one of the best things you could do for your family?)

Those may be valid excuses, but they are still excuses.

What would you love to wake up every day and do? And how can you begin to take steps toward doing it? I ask that sincerely. This is currently one of my favorite topics to discuss, so if you have insight or just want a chat, you know where to find me.