Did you ever have that friend that starts hibernating in the winter, “Oh, it’s too cold to go out and do things” – they are still your friend, they aren’t far away, you just don’t see them often. That’s what this weekly feature has been. That, and it’s been overshadowed by soup.

So, onward to neat stuff and maybe a gift idea or two!

Word BookEnds – I love words. I love reading them, writing them, inventing them and especially when they are used in visual art. Upon looking for a few necessities to spruce up the living room, I came across these bookends that combine many of my most favorite things: text, books and a positive message. All that for LESS than 30 bucks! Yes, they’re pink, but quit being such a party pooper and just paint them a color you’d like more. $29.00 for two, from PB Teen

The Little Prince Pop Up Book This whimsical French classic gets an exciting artistic makeover in the form of a gorgeous pop-up book that children and adults (adults, moreso?) will love.  That’s the book that gave such gems as this:

“People have stars, but they aren’t the same. For travelers, the stars are guides. For other people, they’re nothing but tiny lights. And for still others, for scholars, they’re problems. For my businessman, they were gold. But all those stars are silent stars. You, though, you’ll have stars like nobody else.”

The Pop Up is truly a lovely example of paper art, and inspiring literature. $35.00, bookstores.

Pennsylvania State Pillow – Sometimes, there is a perfect merge of utilitarian object and craftiness that produces a truly simple, but no less AWESOME thing. Check out this cool Pennsylvania Pillow, handmade by a lovely lady residing in California (which also has a super-cool pillow design). These would be GREAT gifts for a friend that just moved, or a couple moving into their first place. There are currently 31 states available in collection. Go look for yours, and get snuggly. PA Pillow, $52.00 by LoveCalifornia.

Silver Eyeglasses Necklace – Nerds and retro librarians rejoice!  Eyeglasses as a fashion forward jewelry. It’s almost like that thing my Gram straps to her glasses so they don’t fall off and hang around her neck, except cooler. And it will go with any outfit! You don’t even need to have poor vision to enjoy this lovely accessory. Wait, this is the best part: ONLY TWELVE DOLLARS. Twelve. Yes, you read that right. (Maybe you need glasses after all.) $12.00 from Nine x Muse

Joan Holloway Felt Finger Puppet –

Um.     You Guys.     Uhh… No, seriously.

I have no words.    I’m impressed.   I’m in love.

I’m humbly admitting that the creator of this is so much cooler than I’ll ever dream to be.

(Also, check out the Allen Ginsberg puppet, and Lloyd Dobler puppet)

$17.00 from AbbeyChristine




Tomorrow I’ll post Part 2 of yesterdays post – a recipe that ties in with the story. Obvious Hint: It involves mushrooms!