Sick Days are for Indulging (Sort of)

Take the usual my-body-knows-I’m-not-pregnant-and-is-doing-it’s-weird-housecleaning-shit, that horrible pain that makes one start to wonder if its just easier to live without certain organs. Pair it with the soreness in my legs and butt from some hard working out at boot camp (workout bootcamp, not like Army bootcamp), which makes sitting or standing a remarkable chore, just thinking about getting in or out of the car starts building anxiety.

That’s a fancy way of saying I feel like complaining about how much pain I’m in. There, all done.

Here’s a list of a few things I’m enjoying when I’m not too focused on wishing the demise of my pain receptors:

 This afternoon – and who am I kidding? this evening as well – I’m going to take a nice hot bath with this wonderful lavender essential oil. Lavender is one of those scents that smells a little like a health food store and herbal tea at once, but lately it makes me think of one thing: baths. (Sometimes biscotti.) After dishing out money on lavender bath fizzies, I realized I could get a bottle of oil and add some drops to the tub and it would last much longer. (Plus sometimes I go crazy and put some drops in candles, on my clothes, on my chest when I’m falling asleep.) I got a really great oil from a LOCAL business, Scentsible by Nature, one bottle for only $7.00. Do you know how many homemade bath fizzies I could make with that!?

 Let’s stay on a roll with chocolate. Now, I advocate healthy eating as often as possible, but let me tell you, in times like these I only want four food groups: chocolate, peanut butter, chips, and hot sauce. (Not necessarily all at once.) Know what’s better than a good chocolate bar? When the package design on that chocolate bar is just as wonderful as the treat itself. a certain bar from Theo’s Chocolates takes care of that. NOT ONLY does it have fig, fennel and almond (weird and yummy, my favorite!) but the package features TWO CATS IN LOVE HOLDING A GIANT FIG.

 BOOKS. How do I even find a place to start? While I ponder making a separate “books” tab on this blog, I can tell you what I’m reading now (this week?). One is a collection of short stories from Alfred Hitchcock magazine. Another is  a book on creative art journaling, another new cookbook, but also this: Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison. An easy fun personal account of one young woman in her twenties who moves away from her boyfriend and family for a few months to attend a retreat in Bali where her head becomes full of smart-ass commentary on the whole experience and “yoga people”, while at the same time offering many opportunities for personal growth.

….Also, couch napping, Pierogi cat and sympathy from my boyfriend. Would you call that a fair trade? Hey! I’m a Lifetime Movie!

Anyhow, if you like chocolate and/or desserts, you can check out the Just Desserts event in Bethlehem tomorrow, Friday Oct. 21st! Go HERE for more info. I’ll be supplying the dessert at Loose Threads Boutique!