THE INCREDIBLE BULK: Greenstar Food Co-op is Bulk Bin Heaven

A few weeks ago Ryan and I traveled all over New York for weddings, restaurants, friend-visiting and a trip to Greenstar Food Co-op in Ithaca to get excited about our future Bethlehem Co-op.

This post is essentially a picture dump of the inside of Greenstar – I know walking through the place made me excited (truly, groceries and whole foods and eight kinds of vegan cheese makes my pulse quicken) and I hope these images do the same for you!

One of the most memorable parts of the first Bethlehem Co-op meeting was when one of the groups finished discussing their vision and told everyone they had spent the whole 20 minutes talking about bulk bins. I hear you! Greenstar, as with most Co-ops, are bulk bin heaven.

(Not only do bulk bins omit excess packaging, but on a frugal level they allow you to purchase just the quantity needed. Especially good for things like spices, if you are on a budget and need some ingredients but don’t want to pay for a full bottle, or want to try something new without committing to a full amount.)

Thanks, Greenstar, for not yelling at me while I lurked around with a camera!

Caught Ryan in a funny pose. He's probably bracing himself for the amount of squealing I was about to do when I found 8 kinds of vegan cheese.



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