BEST FOOD BLOG: Save the Kales!

It’s a good day when the local paper holds a blog contest, open to the ENTIRE POPULATION of blog writers in the area, and the food winner is a VEGAN blog. I like it. As much as I like sauerkraut, I’m hoping some of the unhealthier Pennsylvnia Dutch recipes this area is built on could get a little revamped (perhaps I can take this on as a spring project!?)

It’s especially fun since the folks at Rodale Press (Organic Gardening Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, publishers of Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet, etc)… were nominated in the same category. And I won! I love you Rodale, and it’s because I love you so much that I am humbled and even more excited about winning that category!

My other blog, HEART OF STEELcity that shifts the focus from food and my personal life to awesome people, businesses, and events in the Lehigh Valley also won Best NEIGHBORHOOD Blog! Hey now!

Too excited to make a sexy wink, but I give you THIS.

Our blogs be listed on the MorningCall website (which is said to get a new revamp within the next 2 weeks) so we can spread the word a little louder, a little farther. Thank you, everybody, for helping a side-project turned life-business get a little recognition.

I also want to like you to one of my Food category competitors, another vegan blog, Awesome Job! Keep on writing, you make crazy desserts!

Thanks Morning Call, Thanks to all the bloggers who’s creativity and passion shoot from their brains to fingers to computer screens.

SAVE THE… PARKS! Event Announced!

Friends, I am so happy to tell you that I have joined forces with Andrew Kleiner, author of REMEMBER, a blog about preserving the natural dignity and beauty of the parks and waterways in the Lehigh Valley. What’s great about Andrew is that while so many of us talk about “saving the planet” in terms of buying recycled-paper products and saving up for a new hybrid car, Andrew spends most of his time in and out of class actually in the environment, outdoors, getting his hands and feet dirty. His efforts just got him unanimously elected to the EAC – Environmental Advisory Council.

We with our powers combined, we are hosting a SAVE THE PARKS & KALES public event! If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, you will certainly want to come out for fun, friends and FOOD (and meet some other veg-folks). Here is a description, as per Andrew’s blog.:

“In the midst of continued controversy, and what is slowly becoming a very active summer season of volunteer stewardship, I imagine it is incredibly easy to forget that our parks are places of refuge, relaxation, community, connection and true spirit.

After yesterday’s storm of comments and seeming concern, I am looking forward to large turnouts at :

Save The Parks: Litter Pick Up at Bucky Boyle
Save The Parks: Old Fairgrounds Clean Up and Restoration

It is with this in mind that I am incredibly excited to announce that Remember will be joining forces with Save The Kales to present an afternoon of food, fun, sunlight (fingers crossed) and connection.

Save The Kales is a blog written by a foodie, citizen-advocate, and all around awesome lady by the name of Jaime K. Jaime also writes a blog focusing on the strength of community in Bethlehem, calledHEART OF STEELcity.

I have rented Pavilion number three and I ask that you please RSVP so Jaime and I know how much food to prepare.

Bring a Frisbee.

Bring a lawn chair.

Most importantly, bring yourself, eat great food, sit back and Remember:

”Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” Muir

I will be sharing many particular details in the coming weeks, but also consider this a great day to kick back after what I am hoping are two great clean ups and restorations.

There will be a lot fun that afternoon. Get excited, spread the word and also, Save The Kales.

More details to come…. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!”

This event will be FREE, donations accepted for cost of food (catered by me!) and pavilion rental. Family-friendly.


Please check out Andrew’s blog “Remember”, here: