Work/Life Balance; Great Podcast from Grace Bonney

I’ve taken a few days off from work in general. I have started, restarted, and edited (many times) some posts that explore some deeper topics, not necessarily related to food or veganism. Even those I feel are written at their best (until I edit again) are about topics I wonder if I should post publicly or save for a private handwritten journal tucked into my nightstand.

The blurred line of sharing VS oversharing, being open and maintaining boundaries is on my mind a lot lately. Especially when part of your job or your “brand” (it always feels uncomfortable to say that) relies on exploring the things you are passionate about and spend time on when you’re not working.  Or are you still working? I guess that’s the whole idea in question…

In any case, if you haven’t already listened to this podcast by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, I very much recommend it. Find the 30 minutes it takes to listen and absorb, especially if you’re the sort of person who has trouble finding those 30 minutes.

AFTER THE JUMP Podcast: Work/Life Balance 

I’ll save my own in-depth thoughts on the topic for a later time. For now, I wish you happy and enjoyable weekend. Even if you have to work, take some time to watch a movie, visit with a friend, and leave your computer and cell phone and ipad at home. 

I promise, twitter and Facebook and Pinterest will still be there the next day.