Honorable Mention

I am completely overwhelmed and humbled to tell you all that Sarah Kramer (yeah, that one) has mentioned Save the Kales! on her blog, GoVegan.net !!!!!!!!

If you maintain a vegan kitchen, or know anybody that does, you likely have one or more of Sarah’s cookbooks in your possession. She artfully combines so many things near and dear to my heart – tasty cooking, vintage clothes, colorful tattoos, retro design, and a positive attitude! She is a true vegan Renaissance Woman, and personal hero. Sarah, thank you from the very bottom of my overflowing heart!

Please check out GoVegan.net to learn about Sarah’s latest endeavors and past projects!

*This is also an exciting chance to mention: I will be doing a pin-up photoshoot for Save the Kales! at the end of the month!!!   I will be dolled up and photographed by the lovely ladies of WINK Pin-Up Studio located in South Bethlehem, PA. Keep an eye out for some super fun pictures, and learn more about WINK on their facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/people/Wink-Pinup/100000626316044