50 SHADES OF KALE: Yup, It’s a Real Book

A friend tipped me off to this yesterday:

Yes, it’s a real cookbook. And while the inspiration makes me groan a little (loudly), I certainly can’t complain when someone decides to proclaim veggies are sexy while they help to give you a healthy-hot bod.

Plus, food puns are always worth a looksie: “Complete with scientifically founded nutritional facts, romance novel clichés, and recipes like Thai’d Up Roughage…”  I’m not sure if they mean this tongue-in-cheek or are 100% serious, but some part of me is a little happier knowing this exists. (Quote from this article.)

Learn more about the book ON THE WEBSITE.  Available as an ebook, it will be free October 6-11, and cost $2.99 thereafter.

*I am not sure if this cookbook is vegan.