Vegan Chili and Community: Spring Is Here

Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year as a resident of Bethlehem, PA. Spring on Fourth (Street) and the annual chili cookoff bring out the entire city – and their DOGS! – to enjoy the beginning of spring and celebrate our community and local artists and businesses.

Save the Kales! was there with vegan chili, more of a thick soup made with whole ingredients, and it was so well received. Lucky for me I got some of the great reactions on tape, and also captured the vibe of the day.

This day was a celebration of our town, and the way it is so open to letting young, creative people explore ideas and create new businesses, art and community. Yesterday what I strongly felt was that the people here are here intentionally. We are making things happen, we support each other, and we see the potential  – not to mention that which we’ve already turned into something.

*If you’re interested in knowing more about something/someone you see in the video, please ask and I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of their business or their projects.

Savory Desserts: EVENT This Weekend!

I was planning today’s post when I got a phone call that it wasn’t too late to hop aboard the Just Desserts train, so now I’m preparing for that!  If you live in the Lehigh Valley area and like tasty treats, come out to Just Desserts this Saturday on Southside Bethlehem.

For $10 in advance ($12 that day), you get to sample 22 dessert tables set up at 22 different shops. There may or may not be voting for your favorites (can anyone confirm or deny this idea?), and meet your neighbors and friends and check out local businesses. If you haven’t been to Southside lately, you owe it to yourself to go. There is a LOT of wonderful stuff happening over there!

I’ll be out front of the best hair salon your pretty little mind could think to dream up, Eskdandalo!, with owner Alison Leigh and me dishing out the sophistocated (and all vegan) goodies.

What ARE the goodies? Well… I’m not tellin’. But here’s a hint:

All of these ingredients plus many more will be a part of the dessert party! Don’t get too excited, under-agers, all the wine alcohol will be cooked out. (Maybe.)

This rainy day is perfect for preparing – leftover wine, a supervising cat, and Ella Fitzgerald singing to me from the turntable. A wonderful reminder that we don’t need much in life to have the most wonderful times. It’s true!

I hope to see you Saturday (6pm-8pm)!


(Tickets can be purchased at participating shops, including  but not limited to: Cleo’s, Home and Planet, Eskandalo! Salon,  Godfrey Daniels, Apotheca Salon, SHUZE, Timezones Global Goodies & Framing Gallery, Loose Threads Boutique, Hard Bean Café, Homebase Skate Shop, Fox Optical, Tallarico’s Chocolates, Molly’s Irish Pub & Grill and more!)