BURN IT ON PURPOSE: How to Char Peppers without a Grill

I’ve always heard you could stick some peppers on the burner of an electric stove to blacken them, but never tried it. It seemed… weird. And as someone who once made the mistake of getting a plastic mixing bowl too close to a burner, I was worried the pepper would melt and be impossible to clean.

Well, everyone was right! You can char a pepper on a stovetop just by putting them on the burner and using heat-resistant tongs to turn it every minute.

This is something you have to babysit – no leaving a pepper on the stove and then running off to check Facebook! You need to be able to turn the pepper and, general safety, not burn down your house by leaving it unattended.

As you turn the pepper, the inside is also cooking. Once the outside is mostly blackened, allow the pepper to cool before you handle it.

Once cooled, you can practically wipe off the blackened skin, scraping it a little with a knife of fork, or just by using your fingers.

This would be great in salsas, added to a burrito, stirred in a Mexican inspired veggie and rice dish, etc.






I used it along with some roasted sweet potatoes for a sweet and spicy soup. Love!