Interview with Jaime K in Cedar Crest College Alumni Newsletter

When I was contacted by someone from my college, where I was graduated in 2005, to see if I would be interviewed for the alumni newsletter, I was admittedly taken aback. See, the thing is, I had a lot of trouble finding a job in my field after graduating (and I didn’t want to move away) and I became really bitter and resentful that I bothered to go, and incidentally racked up student loans that I still don’t want to think about.

It was around this time my graphic designer, Christian, made a bunch of goofy internet memes to promote the show. This was one of them:

Come on, that’s funny.

Anyhow, this may be my favorite interview to date because I was able to touch on  the ideas of trying to figure everything out and feeling let down and frustrated at times, but pulling through to create the life you want.

(For the record, when I read this aloud to my boyfriend he couldn’t stop laughing and saying, “You need to take your own advice!” It’s true. I still forget some of this stuff, so let’s both try to remember, okay?)

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Cedar Crest College Exchange . Spring 2012 . Alumnae Profiles

Jaime Karpovich ’05 has blended her two favorite activities – writing and cooking – into a lively career. But the combination goes deeper than that. Karpovich, a communication major at Cedar Crest, often has drawn on her love of cooking and her belief in a healthy lifestyle to get her through tough times.

“I grew up in this punk rock subculture,” she says. “Many of my friends were into social justice causes, and veganism was important to a lot of them. I never really got it until my Dad died when I was 17. It made me think a lot about death, what is unnecessary, and what can be prevented.” At times like this when life presented challenges, she says, “cooking was the only thing that felt okay.”

Today Karpovich lives in Bethlehem and writes a vegan cooking blog titled “Save the Kales!”. She started writing it two years ago and typically adds new entries – anything from a quick recipe or restaurant review to new cooking videos – a couple of times a week. She’ll be featured on a 30-minute cooking program by the same name debuting in May on RCN, a development she calls “a dream come true.”

She also keeps busy as a freelance writer and helps organize Bethlehem Vegfest, and she’s on the steering committee to form a retail grocery co-op in Bethlehem.

“When I graduated from Cedar Crest, I thought the world owed me a good job becaus I had ‘done the right thing’ – got good grades, went to college, got involved in clubs, was elected Commencement speaker, tried to be a thoughtful and kind person”, she says. “But I found out the world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to believe in yourself enough to know that you can create anything you want right now. The time is going to pass anyway. Do something with it.”

Karpovich has learned the life lesson that circumstances can change on a dime, but her goal is keep being a resource and example of a compassionate lifestyle. “I am really excited to see the direction this TV show could take,” she says, “and I want writing to always be a part of my life.”

Looking back on her time at Cedar Crest, she says: “Beyond any of the academia or job skills, the college taught me to think for myself. The freedom to share our ideas with professors and be taken seriously, the way our professors would get to know us  – sometimes before we even knew ourselves – guided us in directions that helped us grow. The college as a whole always felt like a family.”