AIR EATER: Vegan, Gluten Free and Eco-News Blog

I was so happy to get an email this morning that Lidia from AIR EATER wanted to post a Save the Kales! video on her awesome blog!

This is a really great blog that features recipes like Shiitake Mushroom Bacon (HELLO!) , product mentions and reviews on Eco-friendly lunchboxes and healthy pre-packaged snacks, and really great articles I’ve not seen before on topics like how a vegetarian couple was rejected for adoption because the head of services claims a child needs to eat meat to be healthy. (That is not true. At all.)

From Air Eater regarding that last topic, “What is this ‘needs’ business? I have an issue with this statement and way of thinking. There’s a lot more to a diet than just what you eat, it’s the why part, that is the bigger issue. The mentality that the child will not have protein and become ill because of not eating meat is archaic and ridiculous. I’m sure vegan body builders would have a thing or two to say about wasting away to nothing.”

Right on!

And Lidia, blog author, has a cat named Yuki that looks just like Pierogi, so I’m even more of a fan. Baised, perhaps. But who doesn’t like cute kitties?!

(Sometimes Pierogi sleeps like a doughnut that is losing it’s filling.)

So please swing by AIR EATER and learn something new and delicious!