There was an unexpected death in my immediate family and I’m taking some time to process and heal and sleep. I’ll be back soon.

xo Jaime K

Death from The Wild Unknown Tarot

Death from The Wild Unknown Tarot

Quiet Days

There are so many wonderful things to tell you.

But, you see, as I type this there is a heaviness in my heart. My Gram is dying. She is in her room at a nursing home on medicines that are keeping her pain-free, but her kidneys are failing and every time my phone rings I get a lump in my throat thinking it’ll be that call from my mother, telling me she’s finally at rest.


These are hard sentences to type. “Dying.” I keep looking at that word, the shape of the letters on this screen. That dying this time means a slow and constant state of being rather than a thing one quickly does and has finished. I know the last time I saw her was the last time I’ll see her. I think about the way it parallels someone scheduling a c-section, in a way. This is when a life will come into the world. This is when a life will leave. These great unknowns become known and we sit. And we wait.

I miss her already. All I can do is love her and love her.

Save the Kales! is Nominated for an EMMY!

Yeah, like… an EMMY Emmy.

I had no idea that the wonderful Matt submitted our show the Mid-Atlantic Emmys, then snuck off to Philly last night for a ceremony where nominees were announced. Around 9pm I was minding my own business at home with the dog when I got a text telling me I need to look for a fancy dress, because I had just been nominated in the TV Host category.

save the kales emmy awards

Now we get to say things like this: “Save the Kales! is an Emmy nominated show.”

Thanks to Dustin at for this article about STK! and other nominees!


Save the Kales! Cooks for Joan Jett

Put another tofu on the dinner table, baby.

This weekend I have the very distinct honor of cooking dinner for Joan Jett when she performs in Bethlehem, PA. In fact, the tour manager just ordered more meals. I’ll be having a small heart attack every five minutes until Saturday evening when dinner is served and I get to party on at the concert.


Maybe we can share eyeliner/big hair tips. No matter, this is surreal and I’m grateful.

Rock on. xo