Unlikely Story

In the middle of January, we were shooting photos for my column in Lehigh Valley Style in a bookstore in Easton. I changed outfits next to the history books and me and Colin wandered into the alley. “Stand there, look happy”, he said when I crunched my way into a pile of ice-snow almost up to my knees and he took a few quick shots before the bitter biting winter air hurt too much to pretend it was Spring.

Unknown to either of us, one of those photos became the May 2015 cover of Style. It is Colin’s first cover (something he has wanted for two years), and mine too (something I didn’t think was possible?). Surprise!

lvstylemay2015 cover In a year of so much loss, of leaving behind or moving on from so many of the things that were a part of me for so long, I have spent the last six months remembering how to be alone; how to find community when you leave the town where you lived for a decade; how to take a break from creative projects and hold on to the truth that it doesn’t mean they will crumble or you will be forgotten; how to focus on love for those who mean the most to me – to allow love to change when the time for change has come, to find it in my friends and my family and my friends who have become my family, to be surprised back into passion; to remember that things change but our value doesn’t increase or lessen because of it.

It has not been easy. Important things never are.

But I have found, over and over, that just when we are about to give up on ourselves something happens that reminds us that we are enough. That we will be OK, and we are already OK.


On Tuesday, May 12th, the magazine is having it’s monthly Insider Happy Hour, which is a FREE event and open to EVERYONE. You can wear a fancy outfit and bring a few dollars for drinks, and we can hug each other and get our pictures taken for the magazine. I hope to see you there!

You can get more information here: LV Style Insider Happy Hour

And find out more about Colin’s work: Colin Coleman Photography

5 thoughts on “Unlikely Story

  1. Jaime,
    This post was so uplifting to me. I am going through a separation with my husband and partner of 15 years and this post reminded me that the future holds a lot of hope and love and possibilities. It can feel very alone at times and knowing there are others, such as yourself, that have gone through loss and come out the other side victorious brings me immense comfort. You are amazing and thank you for lifting up my heart.

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ First of all, I'm sending you a ton of love and strength. Second, I have written so much about this topic over the last several months, but kept it private out respect and still sorting through my own feelings, and with the intent that if I did make it public it would not come across in a way that is negative toward anybody. To be honest, several times a week since my breakup I get emails from people asking me about the process, how I knew it was time, how you deal with the aftermath, etc. and you are making me think maybe it's time to post about those things. I am certainly not an authority — I have done things I'm not proud of, felt things that are irrational, been angry, been bitter, been indifferent, been totally OK, all of the things — but I think talking about it helps us all feel like we're not alone, and not crazy. If you want, private message me your number on Twitter and you can contact me any time. It takes a TON of strength to do the right, rather than easy, thing. This lesson is coming up again and again for me and people around me. You are stronger than you know. With love. xoxo

  2. Jaime, thank you so, so much for your outpouring of love, support, and encouragement. I am sure you have wisdom to share that would help many people/readers. I might take you up on that phone call at some point. Stay strong, sweet girl ❤️

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