Lehigh Valley Style Magazine Has a New Columnist (and She’s Vegan)

I am honored to share my new bi-monthly column for Lehigh Valley Style magazine, Fresh Perspectives with Jaime K.

JaimeK LV Style magazine

So much to say about the emotions of seeing this in print, but for now I’ll tell you: It’s the March issue and it’s on news stands now! Learn about my journey to become vegan and years later, to embrace the Lehigh Valley as my home for creative communities, young entrepreneurship, and vegan food (we keep getting luckier!). Going forward, the column will highlight people and businesses doing work I admire, be it art & design, mindful cooking, or making positive community and societal impacts.

Fresh Perspectives is meant to chronicle my love of the Lehigh Valley, seeking beauty in everything, living with true mindfulness to be kind in a world that makes it easy to post an Internet meme about kindness while forgetting to show it in our actions.

It’s about simple and unintimidating recipes, and inclusiveness, and honoring where we come from while striving to be better.” (pg. 100)

I hope you’ll love it, and if you have suggestions for future columns I’d love to connect and learn about them. Reach me at SavetheKales@gmail.com.

xo Jaime K

β€œAll you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

― Ernest Hemingway

8 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Style Magazine Has a New Columnist (and She’s Vegan)

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  2. Hi Jaime,

    I just finished reading the first Fresh Perspectives and I can’t wait for the next one. What a beautiful love letter to your community and an inspiration not only for others who live there, but for people everywhere. I completely understand the desire to go searching for that elusive perfect city / community, but the beautiful thing is we have the power to create it wherever we are through connection, encouragement, compassion + love. It might take a little more effort…just like cooking fresh meals at home…but in the end it’s worth it.

    Congratulations and thank you! This is MAJOR!!!!



    • I just adore you to pieces and I am going to save this message to take out and read again on days when I really need it. Thank you sweet, sweet girl. I feel like you “get it”. Looking forward to talking to you even more. xoxo

      • Anytime, anywhere Jaime! Life is all about connection + support + love, and I am honoured to have become part of your tribe!!!

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