Save the Kales! is Nominated for an EMMY!

Yeah, like… an EMMY Emmy.

I had no idea that the wonderful Matt submitted our show the Mid-Atlantic Emmys, then snuck off to Philly last night for a ceremony where nominees were announced. Around 9pm I was minding my own business at home with the dog when I got a text telling me I need to look for a fancy dress, because I had just been nominated in the TV Host category.

save the kales emmy awards

Now we get to say things like this: “Save the Kales! is an Emmy nominated show.”

Thanks to Dustin at for this article about STK! and other nominees!


10 thoughts on “Save the Kales! is Nominated for an EMMY!

  1. WHAT A BLESSING! Amazing to get the word out & show how y’all have made an impact. Congratulations & much deserving dear. ❤

  2. So proud of you! You are an inspiration, and though it truly is an honor just to be nominated you deserve it, sister! Keep doing the amazing things you’re doing, because your work makes a difference.

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