Wintertime and Reflection

It’s a time of big transformation and introspection, thinking + thinking until my brows furl up and then letting it all go. I’m wrapping some gifts, and wrapping up the end of a distracting winter cold.

And all the while, remaining grateful.

Wintertime in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)

Wintertime in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)

“Spend a perfect day with the simple things. A day in which the greatest pleasures come from humble ideas, be it a new breakfast recipe or bedtime story.

Food, outings, gatherings, cozy homes and easy crafts, lives measured in cups of tea and eccentric collections, the world explored through it’s hidden corners. Urban and rural, we are all committed to nature, while our nostalgia spurs us on into the future.

These are the elementary pleasures that make us happy.”

– Simple Things Magazine

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