MY PIEROGI DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE: All You Can Eat Pierogies at Slovak Night

Hello, my name is Jaime K and I’m obsessed with pierogi.

If I had to pick one “last dinner” food, I would choose pierogi.

One of my favorite childhood (um, adult) dreams is getting trapped inside a giant peirogi.

Remember when I found this Pierogi Parade bag?

I once almost broke up with a boy because he had never heard of pierogies and kept calling them “Pilates”.

In fact, come to my house and you can meet THIS Pierogi:

Pierogi Cat

So, MERRY FREAKIN’ CHRISTMAS to me, because I just found out our pals at The Honey Underground are having a Slovak night.

That’s right. All you can eat pierogi, cabbage & noodles,  halupkis, galubki, halushki, borscht and more! ALL VEGAN. As much as you can eat before you turn into a Pierogi.

Heaven on Earth.

… Be still my Polish heart.


The Honey Underground

Slovak Night, Saturday Dec. 1st


$15.95 per person

Reservations required

Click Here for address and phone number

Facebook Page

Pierogi kitchen towel. Fan art?

{Pierogi Kitchen Towel, $14 by Garbella}

Shall we take bets on who will have to roll the other out of there? Thank you WENDY for making my dreams come true.

.    .    .    .    .

14 thoughts on “MY PIEROGI DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE: All You Can Eat Pierogies at Slovak Night

  1. Ahhhhh! Why are all the BEST THINGS HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND and I can’t do any of them!?! Please, Wendy, do one of these again. My last name has unpronounceable hard consonants, and I thank you!

  2. Aaaaak! WHO in PA has never heard of pierogies!?!?!
    And yes…busy weekend. I’d SO totally be there for this, but I have other plans. Please let us know when it comes back! I grew up in pierogiville and I need something other than the crappy frozen ones!

  3. Yum, I love a good pierogi!
    Also, I’ve nominated you for Liebster award! It’s origins are kind of a mystery, but it’s basically a way to network and showcase indie bloggers! Here’s my post that nominates you:

    Enjoy and good luck!

  4. That cat is the cutest!!! Is it a boy or a girl cat?

    I hope the pierogi night was good. I like mine boiled then fried to a burnt crisp. Nice blog. I have viewed it many times, but this is my first post. Keep up the good work.

    Peace, ~~~alex

    • Hey, thanks Alex 🙂 Pierogi is a boy — though at the time (he was still pretty little) I thought he was a girl. Some time I’ll have to tell the story about when I discovered he was a boy. Oh, dear me. The Slovak night was WONDERFUL and I am crossing my fingers, after much begging, she will host another in 2013!

    • I don’t have one that I love that I made up myself 😦 For shame, right? Maybe I’ll have to give this another whirl, though. But there are a lot of fabulous vegan, traditional-style recipes on other blogs too, so you won’t wait have to wait for me to figure it out 🙂

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