Blizzard in Brooklyn

I’m in New York City this week attending Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy with thirteen women, one loving husband, and an excitable dog that looks like a black teddy bear, I keep imagining him in a corduroy vest.

The days begin just hours after I typically go to sleep, today I drank eight cups of tea. This afternoon we stopped to look out the window during a break — everyone got up to peer outside like it was Elementary school, the first snow of the season, blowing in sideways and upside down.

I figured out the subway on my own (!) then walked twelve blocks to my friends apartment. When I arrived I couldn’t see out of my glasses or feel my toes, and my hair had accumulated one thick inch of ice.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I feel.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard in Brooklyn

    • Woops, thanks for the offer! I didn’t have a computer for a week and wasn’t sure how to get comments on my phone. Perhaps another time, and it was truly beautiful (once I got over walking 15 blocks with rolling luggage that wouldn’t roll). 🙂

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