Thankful Thursday: 02 August 2012

Perhaps it’s no surprise to say I’m an optimist. Lately, I’ve been studying the concept of gratitude and how it ties into minimalism, simplicity, DIY ethics, soul authenticity, and general happiness.

I’ve taken a cue from other bloggers and decided to devote one day a week to reflecting on what has been meaningful, beautiful, or inspiring. It could be a profound quote, meditated on for an afternoon. An inspirational online lecture, an email from a dear friend, or finding some turquoise earrings on the clearance rack.

My tattoo reads: Beauty in Everything.  Go and find it.

.   .   .   .   .

LoveList: August 02, 2012.

{Baby Matilda Rose is here! The husband + wife superduo who co-produce, edit, and film the STK show had their first baby earlier this week. It was a home water birth which has been fascinating to learn about, and today I got to meet this little bundle of brown hair and kitten-squeaks. She is perfect.}

{The Bell, Book and Candle with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. It’s so wonderful: set in 1960’s bohemia, the winged eyeliner, the dresses, witchcraft and a cat as one of the central characters. And dialogue, like Novak’s aunt opening a gift of a black netted scarf and she says, “This is lovely, what does it do?” and Novak replies, “Makes you look fascinating.” Love love love.}

{The JV Club podcast.  This free podcast is full of humility and camaraderie. Hosted comic/actor Janet Varney interviews successful, creative women about their more formative years. Think: Christina Hendricks was a goth. The guests get into all the awkward adolescent years and how music, friends, their towns, and fashion played a role in coming of age and becoming who they are now. You’ll laugh,  you’ll commiserate, you’ll genuinely feel inspired.}

{Practicing this sentiment. Especially to those who have been less than kind, or even cruel to you. Especially then.}


{listening to Sigur Ros with the windows down and the volume as loud as it goes / good, grainy mustard / hugging your coworkers / the sounds cats make when they mumble at birds outside the window / fuchsia pink and bright orange / finding that other hoop earring “lost” a year ago / guilty pleasure books / looking back and seeing how far you’ve come}

…til next week. xo


6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: 02 August 2012

  1. Hey Jaime:

    This is a fantastic idea! I actually just started my own blog entirely dedicated to celebrating the things I love. It’s still in the very early stages — I’m planning to make my first post this weekend — but I’m hoping it will help combat my own personal blues, and maybe turn some other people on to the things that I think are amazing.

    Ideally, I think it would be awesome if I could turn it into more of an online community, where people are encouraged to share their own fave finds. There’s enough negativity on the internet; it’s time to turn the tides and overrun the hate with love!

    Keep up the great work!!



    I adore the J.V. Club — have you heard the episode with Maria Bamford? She’s one of my all time favourite comics and just a beautiful soul! In fact, I’m planning posts on her, the J.V. Club, and Save the Kales, which I hope to have up in the near future. Stay shiny!

    • Oh man, thank you for this comment. I agree 150% about trying to bring some light to the internet. I honestly don’t spend any time on gossipy/trash talk/hateful sites… I don’t really get why people spend their time seeking out negative things when there really are a lot of good people doing great things, and finding goodness in the small stuff just makes me feel better on a personal level, too. So WAY TO GO, please start that blog, the world needs it, and I’m certain it will help YOU personally more than you will know.

      I listen to JV club when I exercise (and only when I exercise, it’s becoming my motivation) – only 10 mins into the Bamford interview… excited for the rest. PLEASE let me know when you’re up and running!!!! All the luck in the world!! xo

      • Hi Jaime,

        Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I’ll be sure to let you know once I’ve put the first post up — for now all I’ve got is a template, a name (Online Sunshine) and a tagline (Love. Share. Repeat.)

        Thanks again for everything you’re doing! I’m still a noob as far as plant based diets are concerned and with Save the Kales everything is so easy and fun!! Plus I love learning more about local initiatives in other areas…gives me ideas for what we could try out here.

        Take care,


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