COOKBOOK CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of “Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats” by Allyson Kramer of

Update! Contest extended until August 1, 2012! 

The much-anticipated cookbook by‘s Allyson Kramer, Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats, is here in it’s full-color, delicious glory. And I’m giving away a copy!

WOOOOHOOO, now this is exciting!


1. Head over to the Save the Kales! facebook page

2. Leave a comment with the title and author of a cookbook that means a lot to you. Then explain why it’s meaningful. Maybe it was your first one, maybe it taught you how to cook the meal your family loves most, maybe it helped you change your diet. You decide!

3.  Contest closes on  June 22, 2012 August 1, 2012. Winner will be announced within a week.

 Note: The cookbook you submit as meaningful does not have to be vegan or gluten-free. (Though we’d all love to know about it, if it is!) We can find inspiration all around us, and you’ll find that many recipes in this book are inspired by non-vegan, non-gluten free versions from Allyson’s childhood.

–     –     –     –    –

There are just SOME of the recipes in this book:

  • Olive and tofu feta tartlets
  • Walnut ravioli with vodka sauce
  • Stuffed cabbage rolls (from one Polish girl to another, this is awesome!)
  • Apricot risotto
  • Pumpkin chickpea chili
… Do I need to go on? Um, yes. You want this book.
AND Not only will you win a copy of this book, I’m throwing in a super comfy, ultra-soft Save the Kales! tee shirt. Shirts are gray with black ink, printed by a local (and vegan!) screenprinter Bird Apartment, and have a nice fitted v-neck style without coming from a company with questionable ethics.

Win a Save the Kales! shirt

Okay, we have a little time ’til the contest is over, but it starts NOW! 

Go go go!

26 thoughts on “COOKBOOK CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of “Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats” by Allyson Kramer of

  1. Woo hoo! I left a comment on the FB wall already, but I also wanted to add that the t-shirt is adorable!

    • Yes, June! We are making a commercial for it as well so we want to give it a little time to air. And it was extended a week because I’ll be on vacation and will probably forget to do anything important til I get back… Ha!

      • Thanks 🙂 So ONE of my favorite cookbooks right now is The UnCheese Book by Jo Stepaniak. I am a huge cheese lover and have gone mostly raw vegan and miss cheese SO much. To be honest I was inspired by your youtube video about your vegan nut cheese (which is now a staple in my house thank you Miss Jamie!). So I bought the book and have been thrilled with making different types of vegan cheeses. Whew! I almost didn’t make it in time to enter! 😀 I just adore your page, I can’t say that enough and I’m really loving your show (no suck up points just being honest!). I’m pretty new to the raw/vegan world and it is nice to see things shown so easily. Makes cooking less challenging. Keep it up girl! xoxo Corri

      • Oh, wow, this is such a nice comment! There is a book coming out later this year called “Artisanal Vegan Cheeses” (google it?) which is another entire book of NOTHING but vegan cheese, and recipes and ways to use them. I haven’t seen it yet, of course, but how can that be anything but great?

        And you’re in luck, I’m extending the contest because we made a little commercial for it and I’m out of town a lot.. so you’re certainly in on time! 🙂

        Thank you again. The recipes/show are done with the implication that if someone has never cooked this way, they could learn a few tips and see that it’s not hard. Most of my blog readers are NOT vegan and I assume it’s the same for anyone watching the show. (I recently had someone comment, “I didn’t know you were supposed to press water out of the tofu, thats why all my dishes with it have been soupy!”, and I think when you’ve been cooking with tofu for a long time you take that sort of info for granted and forget a lot of people wouldn’t know that on the first try!)

  2. Hi,

    I also do not have fb, so I’m entering here. First off, let me say how thrilled I am that there is an awesome vegan chef in Bethlehem! This actually made my otherwise craptastic day! (it’s the little things right?) I’m in Pocono Lake.

    OK so I became vegan at 16, back before it was fashionable, or more appropriately, before people truly embraced it for its plethora of awesomeness. About a year or so later I returned to my previous vegetarian lifestyle and am now back, for good, to veganize my life.

    My first ever vegan cookbook is Appetite for Reduction (with the GNR reference, I had to buy it for I could not help myself!) written by the cool as a fan, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, a Brooklynite after my own heart. I adore her charming wit and penchant for full flavor cuisine. It has inspired me to take my tail to the kitchen and rock my very own socks.

  3. Any book by Bryanna Clark Grogan. Her style is real ethnic flavors while being vegan. It’s the food I serve to my friends who just enjoy real food.

  4. Hi! just stumbled onto this beautiful and informative blog..Thanks..
    Not a Face Book person but wanted to post that around 30 years ago at a rummage sale I found an old paperback edition of “Diet for a Small Planet ” by Frances Moore Lappe.
    Since I was ,at that time in my life , always searching for that elusive magical way of losing a few pounds fast ,assumed (wrongly of course) this was a weight loss book.
    Bought it for pennies ,took it home and after reading a few pages into the first chapter realized this book did hold magic of a kind not familiar to my then fast foodaholic , meat eating profile . I was struck by the logic and common sense of this little book ;this scrappy little stained and torn front cover used paperback .
    “Diet for a Small Planet” was more than a vegetarian cookbook . It was a life manual for better ,conscientious consuming.
    It opened a window on the world for the reader to a view of how every individual through lifestyle choices impacts our earth . It was a way of giving back to yourself ,family ,the community and our little blue ball floating in space just by doing something as simple and enjoyable as eating healthy , plant based dishes. It was a well spring to me for inspiration and a hope that I could be a part of a good change.

    It was not easy giving up all meat initially and today ,though I predominantly eat a diet of organically grown produce and grains there is still a hankering for an occasional egg based dish or a piece of fish.
    Now , here’s the kicker : while that little book ‘s initial impression to me was that of a fad weight loss book and purchased with the intent to lose a few pounds, as it turned out the weight did come off and stayed away. 🙂

    It is comforting to know that while the delivery of getting the message of a healthy vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has morphed from paper print to cyber blogs the message of the benefits of eating plant based has not changed.
    Thanks,Jaime K for continuing that legacy of heathy eating = healthy planet .

    • WOW. Wow. This was such a beautiful comment to read all the way through. Thank you for sharing your story. I especially loved when you wrote: “Diet for a Small Planet” was more than a vegetarian cookbook . It was a life manual” — yes! What a great way to explain it… Some of my favorite cookbooks have come from library sales and thrift stores. Some goodies in there, and the info still pertains to modern days! Maybe more so! Thank you so much for writing, I think the goodness in your heart and spirit is immediately evident and I thank you for caring so much!

      • You are too kind ,Jaime …..Thank you so much.
        I think dropping the animal protein from one’s diet allows for a clearer ,calmer self.
        Maybe it is because there no longer circulates in one’s own blood and body the artificial hormones ,the antibiotics the animal was force -fed and the fear and pain the animal ‘s muscles absorbed before their slaughter in the form of spikes of adrenalin and other fear chemicals that humans ingest and incorporate into their body composition?
        I wonder about that and if that is why the more populated “modern” world sectors tend to show so much aggression ,not only in the political but also the socio-economic profile. There exists a “I got mine ,you get yours ” mentality.
        Of course while eating vegetarian and vegan must also be aware of the GMO (genetically modified organism ) plants and grains produced by
        mega-corporate companies.
        It is not enough to think that one is choosing a healthier eating profile if those very fruits and vegetables have been enhanced,altered from their original pure as nature intended form to a manufactured product that contains animal genetics or chemical pesticides in their very cellular makeup by scientists tinkering in laboratories.
        That is why bona fide organics and harvested from heritage seed grown vegetables,fruits and grains are so germane to the vegetarian /vegan .
        Best to buy as local as possible as you have shown in your blog.
        Sorry for another lengthy comment is a topic that resonates such importance because the trust the consumer usually places in companies vetted by government agencies for purity and wholesomeness when in actuality that is not the case. Today it is easier to find organic vegan/vegetarian choices in super markets like ready to eat grain meals or soy based than 40 years ago when the idea of animal product free eating began to enter the public consciousness . Today it is not thought as some fringe hippie (lol) fad but now embraced across the board as a lifestyle to be accepted . Because there are many in the population that prefer animal protein free and organic plant based nutrition this is not lost on companies vying for that profit margin. So I say choose wisely and keep in mind the “organic” label may only be just that when attached to a mainstream corporate product.
        Ok,I’ll shut up and get off my hemp basket ,
        sorry if this is off topic in any way..
        many thanks to you for continuing the education and enhancement of eating vegan/vegetarian.
        I’m counting off the hours until I’ll see you on the Food or Cooking Network :)..

  5. Metamorphosis by Kafka. I can read it many times and always find different ways of looking at things. As well, Kafka himself was an extravagant and interesting person that questioned imporant matters in life.

    • You know, I haven’t read it but it’s on my ultimate to-read list. (I work at a bookstore part time so that list is infinite…) but I will have to bump it to the top. Thanks for the recommendation!

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