IT’S SHOWTIME(S): First Episode Airs this SUNDAY and Beyond

Well, well, well… I have a couple of dates and showtimes for the first episode of the show!

*The show WILL be online in two weeks

If you have RCN Cable, you can find the first episode of Save the Kales! this upcoming week on RCN Channel 4:

  • Sunday, May 6th, 9:30pm
  • Tuesday, May 8th, 11:30am
  • Saturday, May 12th, 6:30pm

It’s possible it’ll pop up other times, too, but those we know for sure. At some point it’ll go in the On Demand lineup and be available online indefinitely.

I Love Lucy moment at the tofu factory.

In the first episode, we go to a tofu factory, then head back to the kitchen to cook two dishes with this main ingredient: a tofu basil “ricotta” pizza with fresh arugula and lemon, and my Sunday Brunch Tofu Scramble. When it’s time to eat, we’re joined by Johnny Gee of the blog as he tells us about his transition to a plant-based diet that has allowed him to lose over 60 POUNDS and he is now OFF ALL MEDICATIONS. Wow!

Meeting on set of Episode 2 with Sarah, one of the producers!

We just finished the cooking segments of Episode Two, and it’s looking great!

Thanks for the support and encouragement, and check out the show when you get a chance!

5 thoughts on “IT’S SHOWTIME(S): First Episode Airs this SUNDAY and Beyond

  1. can not wait to see it online!! wish I could see it on TV!! you are a star and deserve this for all your hard work…I always knew you were the kind of person that can change someones life..!!!

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