Save the Kales! Half Hour TV Show… Coming Soon!

It’s past 3:00am and I’m literally so excited I can’t sleep.

My producer/editor, Matt, just sent the in-progress first minute of the first episode of the show…

… And  cried. Oh gosh, did I cry. The set is gorgeous, the music is perfect, the graphics are amazing, and I got so emotional I had to call my mother.

Check out THIS POST if you’re not familiar with the new show!

This is happening. And my guts (and I’ve learned to listen to my guts, funny how they know more than my brain sometimes) are stirring and telling me THIS COULD BE SOMETHING BIG SOME DAY.

No matter, it’s easily one of the best and most important projects I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. In a few weeks, the first episode will air on RCN TV in the Lehigh Valley, and on the internet everywhere. Wow!

I’m not allowed to show you the intro to the official first episode, but this commercial has been playing on TV for the past two weeks. I’ve heard notification that local friends have seen it on: Animal Planet, Comedy Central, and other unmemorable stations. I will faint for a moment when I see a commercial on The Food Network.

The people involved in creating and producing this show are working endlessly, day after day, sending me clips or proofs at 1am, “What do you think of the texture? What do you think of this font?”, and I could never ever ever do this show without them. Thank you Matt, Sarah and Christian.

4 thoughts on “Save the Kales! Half Hour TV Show… Coming Soon!

  1. It already is something big! Contests and have a blast!!! My 11 year old daughter is extremely pleased to see your progress (and we are not even vegan) and I am grateful for the example you are setting!

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