SAVE THE KALES!: New Half Hour Vegan Cooking/Lifestyle/Travel Show airs in May

Hey. You like watching things, right? Watch this:

Maybe The Law of Attraction is real after all.

Starting in May, Save the Kales! will be airing as a half hour television show of the same name. We’ll be cooking in a beautiful “studio” kitchen. We’ll be traveling to different locations (most in or around the Lehigh Valley) to meet the people and tour the places bringing plant-based food, and  sustainable and healthy living ideas to the masses.

Add in a mix of vintage thrift stores, farmer’s markets, animal sanctuaries, and more… and you get Save the Kales! Show. It will essentially be this blog in television format. 

(Wow. Wow. I still can’t believe it.)

ADG Photography

A new episode will air every month, multiple times a month, on RCN Cable – and be stored in the “On Demand” files so you can tune in any time. We will also air commercials leading up to each new show… which means you could be watching HGTV and see a Save the Kales! commercial. Isn’t that crazy!?

Don’t have RCN cable? Fear not. After a week of airtime, all episodes will go online to live indefinitely. My mother would never allow me to make a show that she wouldn’t be able to view from home. 🙂

(I have spent a lot of time in these last two months worrying about what could go wrong: the inevitable anonymous mean passive aggressive comments, the “She’s not as good of a cook as so-and-so, why does she get this?” speculations, the general vulnerability that comes when you put yourself in a vulnerable place… I was going to write about all of these because I haven’t been able to think about this show without thinking about them.

But for now, I’ll leave them aside. This is too good to tarnish with worry and anxiety. Besides, there is a lesson in everything and even the “bad stuff” can be a great teacher. I continue to learn all the time.)

ADG Photography

And I also have more faith in it now (and in myself, and maybe that was the trickiest hurdle of all). My goal isn’t to pretend I’m the most inventive cook, or the most knowledgable about vegan living and issues…

My goal is: to make this lifestyle accessible to people. Especially those who don’t know anything about it and feel it’s too difficult, overwhelming, or expensive. It’s not any of those things, but I don’t just want to TELL people, I want to SHOW them.

And at the end of each episode, if I can provide some knowledge and ideas for eating delicious plant-based meals on a budget, and hopefully entertain and highlight the people and places doing positive things along the way, it will be a success.

And here’s the best part: In a year from now, we will have so much experience and so many episodes under our belt. Perhaps by then a major network will be willing to pick up a show like this in it’s roster of meat-centric programming. While that’s not my driving force, it would be a very Cinderella-magical outcome.

One thing I’ve learned about trying to imagine the future: you can’t. So work hard, smile, and see what happens.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been more nervous or excited for anything in my whole life. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

–               –               –                  –               –                –              –

It would be impossible to talk about this show without mentioning Matt and Sarah of Lehigh Valley Mirror, my co-producers, directors, camera crew and editors. Lehigh Valley Mirror will also be airing as a half hour show starting in April, featuring independent and creative people and businesses in the LV. 

Matt and Sarah, I could never possibly thank you enough for believing in me to invest your time, skills, and friendship. I’d lasso the moon for you both if I could. You are dreams-come-true to work with. Thank you.

46 thoughts on “SAVE THE KALES!: New Half Hour Vegan Cooking/Lifestyle/Travel Show airs in May

  1. We’re so excited to work on this show with you, Jaime! This has been a long time coming, you’ve done great work building STK all on your own and shaping it’s identity into something wonderful. Matt and I are proud to be working on the tv show with you! Congrats on the blog award wins, you absolutely deserve the honor 🙂

  2. This is great, Jamie! I’m sort of a lurker on your blog and have been cheering from the sidelines for your success. You are doing great things. The show is just a culmination of all your hard work. You just let the haters be haters. You can’t avoid them. Although I know how hard it is to ignore it. My NPR interview about Windy, the Plastic Bag brought a flood of good comments, but also a lot of negative ones and I allowed myself to stress and get sick about it for only one day. You HAVE TO try your hardest to ignore the jerks. They’ll always be there. Bask in your success, and remember that you are being rewarded with a show because of your positive efforts to teach and make changes in the world. That trumps all else.

    p.s. Congrats, too, on your award last night. Well-deserved!

    • What a thoughtful comment, Kathy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I spent a lot of time being so nervous I almost didn’t want to do it.. but realized that not everyone has to like you, or support you, and that doesn’t make your work any less valid or good.

      Thank you so much for this comment, I am going to copy it and keep it in my “if you have a bad day” folder 🙂 So nice of you to come by with such kind words. Thank you x’s 10.

  3. Wow! What amazing news! I’m so happy for you. You are the perfect person to have your own show with your amazing personality and vast knowledge of vegan cooking and healthy living choices.

    I can’t wait to see it and am very happy it will be airing online for those of us who do not have RCN (though for you, I’d gladly nmake the switch if needed).

    This is just the latest of many wonderful opportunities to come your way. I see a rich future ahead for you.

    Although I guessed incorrectly, I’m sure the book will soon follow.

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Wonderful news about our dear friend, Jaime Karpovich. I highly recommend you check out her blog Save the Kales (vegan or carnivore, you’ll certainly take something positive away by following her).

  5. Yes!!! I was hoping it would be something like this, something that would help you get your positive vibe out among even more peeps!!!!! So excited for you Jaime and of course for the effect this will have in furthering our cause 🙂

  6. Squeeee! I am so happy for you and so excited for this show! I’ll be watching online. You are amazing and deserve this. Nevermind the (potential) haters. You’re doing good work and you know it in your heart. I read a quote another vegan chef posted last week and it’s perfect in this case: “The only way to not get criticized is to not do anything.” -Lisa Bloom

  7. Hooray!! I am SOOOO happy and excited for you!! Big week! Congrats on the double blog win, AND on this awesome cooking show announcement. It will be wunderbar. The camera loves you. Don’t listen to those doubts. You’re on your way! This is only the beginning of bigger and better things to come – just you wait. Love and hugs.

  8. You are awesome and amazing and this show will be, too. I can’t wait to see it when it goes online.

    Congratulations – so well deserved. I wish you the best of adventures! So excited!

  9. Yay!!! How exciting!! I don’t have RCN, but I can’t wait to watch the episodes online! You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and that shines through in every blog post and video, and will shine even brighter on your show! For every negative comment posted by a hater, just know there are tons of us out here loving what you are doing!

  10. That’s amazing! What a wonderful opportunity! I shared this on my FB page. I’m so glad the episodes will be available online, too. Spread the vegan love!!

  11. This is amazing! BIG CONGRATS!! I shared this on my FB page, too. I’m so glad the episodes will be available online, too. Spread that vegan love far & wide!

  12. Congratulations, Jaime! I’m SO happy for the TWO awards you received at The Morning Call blog awards and the announcement of this wonderfully new venture for you! I can only imagine the full range of emotions you’ve gone through in undertaking this project. Since you’ll be travelling to different locations and talking to people who are experts in their own right, you won’t be putting yourself in the position where each episode is solely you trying to come across as the be all/end all of vegan cooking. 🙂 No matter how good anyone is in their respective field, a sense of humility and expressing an interest in learning new things every day will communicate to your audience that YOU are also on the journey to learning more about various healthy lifestyles. I think most everyone will immediately comprehend that you have nothing but good intentions, and that your show is certainly not about condemning others’ choices – just opening their eyes to all the ways they can incorporate healthy choices into their lives. Like you said, of course you’ll get the possibly hatefully critical responses. It’ll be tough in the beginning, but you have such an incredible support system that can help you weed out the constructive criticism that will only help you improve your show. I wish you the BEST of success, and I’ll be sure to catch you on RCN On-Demand. 😀

  13. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! And so excited that I’ll be able to view the videos (I live in San Diego and I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of RCN! :-)) I look forward to learning even more from you, Jaime!!!

  14. You make a momma proud…always did…and always will…Congrats on all your current accomplishments…Keep it going…I love you…and so do all your followers!!! ❤

  15. Jaime!
    This is the best thing I’ve read all week! I am so proud of you and happy for your successes! As for being a tad bit nervous with minor hesitations, you still aren’t pushing the opportunity away and that is what’s important. The teli is a funny thing… you’ll find yourself reaching the right audiences and the right audiences spread the word. It’s wonderful! Plus you are going to have tons off fun gettin’ purdy in front of the mirror in preparation for the show. You rock. We all know it. 🙂

  16. Yay! I am so excited to hear about your plans and blog awards!!! I will definitely tune in on the internet to see the show, so please link to the site when the shows are finished. Congratulations, and enjoy the process!

  17. Jaime, As the tears well up… .I look for words to put in perspective how proud I am of the woman you have become. I brag about you all the time and “advertise” your blogs..just so proud..your mom and stepdad must be even prouder……your Dad is probably that really really bright star I keep seeing every nite..the glows of pride from the heavens…good luck !! Can’t wait to see your new show!! love Aunt Lor xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxox

  18. Wow, Jamie! My dad sent me a link to this blog post and I am hooked! After studying abroad the past seven months and seeing the ways of living that you seem to advocate for trying to thrive in our globalised market throughout the countries I’ve been so lucky to visit, I am beyond elated to see a project like yours in the place I was born and raised! Truly inspiring. I will certainly tune into your show when it’s posted online and I would love to be in more contact with you about your experiences. Perhaps when I get back we can share knowledge and stories! Best in all,

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  21. Hi Jaime!
    I found your blog a few months ago when I did a search for soba noodle recipes. I just wanted to tell you that I have been enjoying your “SteelStacks Salad” ever since! As a new resident of the “Lehigh Valley” I look forward to seeing all the cool local places you will go to on your show and the yummy foods you will be sharing with us all!

    All the best!

    • What an awesome comment, thank you SO much. I make that salad all the time, too! Thank you so, so much and I am still updating the “Lehigh Valley” section of this blog (see the tab at the top) which will put all my local reviews/places to eat in an easy to find spot. Maybe I’ll see you out sometime! Thank you!

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  23. I was wondering if you ever considered changing
    the layout of your blog? Its very well written;
    I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little
    more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

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