Bethlehem, PA Parade of ShamROCKS!

Oh my, that was fun!

Bethlehem Vegfest 2012! September 8th!

I was a little disappointed in myself for not having made my Veggie Princess costume a full-length ballgown as I intended, but it may have turned out for the best. It was a GORGEOUS warm day – and got rather hot standing on the trailer bed in the direct sun for a couple of hours, plus my hair weighs 8,000 pounds.  My apron-esque skirt did the job just fine and kept me from passing out!

We had a nice little turnout of vegetable-walkers, and let’s give thanks to the hard work of the DBA (Downtown Bethlehem Association) for ensuring we had the best stuff to hand out: Vegfest 2011 cookbooks (yes, cookbooks!); Bethlehem wall calendars with all the events of the year marked; and several varieties of apples from a local farm. YUM!

Downtown Bethlehem Association. Festival-thrower extraordinaires.

But really, what a lovely day, all around. I was so impressed with the DIY vegetable costumes. True artisan craft(wo)manship!  I wish these folks would consider holding sewing classes and we could all walk around dressed like food every Saturday. Why not?

What a beautiful salad! Bethlehem Vegfest parade walkers.

See that cute little cucumber? He said, “I’m a PICKLE.” Ha!

Me and tofu, getting an early start on our sunburns.

"Mr. Green Peas", miraculously he stayed cool as a cucumber.

The parade started at 1pm, but we were in the last group and didn’t get moving until probably closer to 2pm. But we got to watch the whole parade go right past us! Marching bands, elaborate floats, DOGS!!!!, so many irish dancers and their curly wigs… everyone was so happy and smiley and in great spirits!

Mr. Green Peas and Tina's truly impressive, gorgeous, stunning Broccoli costume, all made from leftover material scraps she had in her house. IT WAS AMAZING.

My friends Alex and Misi showed up before we took off, and Alex caught this candid photo as I was running to the end of the truck to hug them. Just pure happiness, pure elation. Friends, and community members coming together, and creativity, and sunshine… I was a happy, happy girl. This is as real as a smile gets.


Our float got moving in the long line of floats and wow, it was so fun to see the street and sidewalks flooded with people waving, smiling, enjoying being in the moment. I found a bunch of my friends in the crowd – some I hadn’t seen in YEARS (hello, Jessie!) – and some blog readers even yelled out “We love Save the Kales!” when the float went by. I also saw two women realize they were handed cookbooks and one slapped her friend and said, “WHOA, HEY LOOK, A VEGGIE COOKBOOK, THAT IS AWESOME!” So cute!

Ryan and some friends were perched three stories over Main Street in Ryan’s old apartment/Steve and Adam’s current apartment, giving them all a great bird’s eye view.

Bethlehem Vegfest Parade float.

Brent and Ryan - hi guys! Be careful!

Emily and Rachel.

THANK YOU, everyone involved, for making it such a fun day and event! Thank you Bethlehem Pennsylvania for being my home… you truly are where MY heart is.

After all, why do we choose our towns and communities if not to dig in with both hands and really become a part of them?

*Almost* everyone from the Vegfest float. What a delicious bunch.

…. and once the parade ended, I wandered back up Main Street (after stopping to hug a lot of friends along the way) to get to the apartment to meet my friends. We went to the library book sale, tiara and all, and then Ryan took me to Vegan Treats for ice cream. CHOCOLATE MINT TWIST! What a lucky lady I am!

Save the Kales! inside Vegan treats with a giant tofu. Typical day. No big deal.

By then it was 4pm and I had forgotten to eat anything all day (oopsies) and the sun gave me a headache. We gobbled up our ice cream cones in less than five minutes, then went home and promptly fell asleep together on the couch. I had no idea St. Patrick’s Day could be so much fun! Cheers!

Thanks to Miko, Christian, Adam and Alex… I snagged some of your photos. Thanks for capturing this fun day!

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