I wouldn’t even consider this a real post, but being away from here for over  a week makes me feel like something is missing.

About that new project? Yes, yes, it’s coming along… I thought I’d have been able to spill the beans by now, but patience is a virtue I guess.

There are two more projects in the works, smaller in scale, but I’m excited about them all the same. I’ll announce those as soon as they are set up and put in place. (I already don’t feel I have enough time, I’m not sure where I think I’ll find more… Ah well! Onward!)

I also haven’t updated with new recipes because I think I’m currently cooking less than ever. Most days are 10-15 hours out of the house, and when I am home I try to clean or exercise, or gasp! relax. Which means going for a jog or watching a movie on the elliptical is traded in for grocery shopping. (Hey! My name is Jaime and I ate cereal for dinner three nights last week!)

Let's try anyway, whaddaya say?

The irony is, when I started cooking for other people I remember thinking “Who would hire a personal chef? Do people actually do this?”… and now I feel like I need to hire a personal chef. Hmm.

But the busyness, all of it is for good things. Recently a friend of mine said, “Wow, remember where you were in your life two years ago? So much is different now. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?” And it is. It very much is. Sometimes when you’re caught up in the moment, when you have so much left you want to do, it can be difficult to see how far you’ve already come. It really helps to stop and think about that. Emotionally, professionally, creatively… we go through these stages, and when we can really focus on evaluating what we’ve learned (and remember, learning is also about ACTION and CHANGE) it can make us more secure in our abilities to accomplish our dreams.

Okay, okay. I’m done being a self-help book (for now). I promise this coming week I’ll have some goodies for you, and maybe even reveal a project or two. (Sheesh, I hope they live up to the hype!)

Have a great weekend — and while you’re dressing in green and drinking green beer and enjoying parades, eat some collards or kale too, okay?

3 thoughts on “Mini-Update

  1. I needed to read this post this morning. So glad I signed up for weekly updates from you. Thanks so much for putting it out there!

    • Oh, and, after I last saw you at that event at Lehigh, and you introduced me to people, your introduction just blew me away. I was completely humbled and flattered and it was really touching. I went home feeling inspired and like, you know, all of this does matter in some way. That really meant an awful lot to me. Thank you, it was a gift. 🙂

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