Help STK! Win a Local Blog Contest

EDIT; March 30th: I won! Thank you!

Disclaimer: contests give me anxiety anyway, and it’s always strange when the winners are selected based on how many people use the internet (feels like a high school popularity contest in a way… I don’t know). But I guess that’s how we do things in the magical technological age, and I’m proud that Save the Kales! was nominated in the contest held by the local newspaper.

I cross my heart and swear this isn’t about an ego boost. I truly love the idea of a vegan blog winning the FOOD category, for many reasons which are obvious, but especially because it means the values I try to share here — living with compassion, community involvement, making vegan foods not “scary” and instead accessible, showing all the good food you can eat in restaurants in our area — those are the things that can reach a larger audience.

So! If you’d like to vote (especially if it’s for Save the Kales! in FOOD, and I thank you for that support!), you can click the link here: BLOG CONTEST VOTING


*Note that a blog can only win ONE category, and I’d like STK! win for FOOD so your votes for the Health & Wellness category can go to someone else.

(I recommend the blog Johnnysized — it’s an incredible documentation of a local man, totally the bravest and most admirable guy, who needed to get his health under control and he began a plant based vegan diet. He is the COOLEST PERSON, already lost over 50 pounds and is off several medications, and I’d love to see him win in Health and Wellness.)

You can sign in via Facebook instead of registering an account, place your votes, and it takes about five seconds.

ALSO: You can vote once every 24 hour period! The contest goes another 2-3 weeks, so go crazy.


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