Mental Vacation

Hello readers. This week I was going to write to tell you I had planned a short getaway with my fella’ and we made this lofty goal to get all of our work done so we could leave our computers at home (gasp).

But the health and concerns of family members have come up, so we’re taking the time to make sure we are there to love and support everyone.  Just when you get a tangible grasp, things start to move rather quickly, eh?

And as the unveiling of the new project looms closer, I’ve become so tied up in what will people think of this? that I have not even found the time or peace of mind to think about it clearly. I need to focus on my work, the truly amazing – it really is – opportunity I have in front of me, to see it as a beautiful gift and push the worrying away.

Leonard Cohen, you wise old fool.

Save the Kales! will be updated soon, and perhaps with a lot of news to share. I hope this post finds you well.

With love,

Jaime K


5 thoughts on “Mental Vacation

    • I appreciate this so much. I have a lot of strange feelings, anxieties and vulnerability right now because I am trying to anticipate every BAD thing someone could say about it so I will be mentally prepared. Haters gonna hate, ya know? And instead of focusing on doing the best work I am making mental lists of insults, awful web comments, negative blog posts, etc. that will come (I’m not a pessimistic person but people love to talk about how much they hate things, and it is inevitable I suppose). It’s been draining. I’m trying to flip that thinking because I will care so much less, and take it so much less personally if I know I truly put my heart into it and am doing the best work, with the best message and the best intentions I can possibly put out. PHEW. Ramble ramble.. Thank you so much for the support. ❤

      • I hear what you are saying and I love your honesty about it. But let me be the opposite of a hater for you for a minute: I’ve never even met you and I know you’re flippin’ awesome! Your writing and posts have been a great discovery for me and I’m so thankful I found your blog – and I know I’m just one of many so just focus on us instead 🙂 And remember to breathe!

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