Don’t Hate on Love

A few days ago, I read this article which is a reaction to the people who gripe and moan and are sure to express to anyone willing to listen how much they hate Valentine’s Day.

I respect anyone’s opinion – and if you hate it, you’re most certainly entitled to – but consider that all the energy spent on hating it, on hating anything you aren’t fond of, is just wasted and only feeds itself. Hating something (a person, a holiday, your job, etc) doesn’t DO ANYTHING to improve it. In fact, I bet the more time you spend thinking about how disgruntled it makes you, the less time you have to focus on all the things that make you happy.

You could make a love sandwich from this bread valentine.

If you’re on facebook, take a little gander at your online friends. While it’s true you may not know all of them in person, there are people out there who are interested enough in what you’re doing – in you – to want to follow and support you, even in a small way. I’m certain the contact list in your phone isn’t empty. And think about the last time you spend a day with friends and had a good, hearty laugh. I’ll bet it wasn’t that long ago.

We live in an abundance of love. Look for it, and you’ll find it everywhere. 


(from the original post)

“At this point, nothing is more cliche — or more roundly depressing — than hearing the walking, talking Cathy comics trudge through the 14th talking about how much they hate Valentine’s Day. Yeah, we get it, you remember how single you are. Yeah, enjoying the love of other people in your life is just not the same, and offering your aunt a heart-shaped box of chocolate body paint would probably offer the wrong message. We get it. But does talking about how much you hate it really make you feel any better?

Why can’t you take the day of love as an opportunity to simply appreciate the love you do have — send your grandmother a VDay card back, call your mom just to wish her a happy holiday and thank her for helping you with the cards for class when you were little, or take your friend out for dinner to remind them that we can still treat each other to nice, considerate, loving things — even if we don’t expect to get laid at the end of it.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate on Love

  1. Very true all around. Cynicism is way easier than hope and love, but love and hope are more natural to us as humans and more necessary for our survival. Love this and love you!

  2. i’m actually feeling exhausted from all the love i’ve been feeling today, but my heart just grew a little more at that photograph of you. thank you for that and for spreading love & compassion jaime! xo

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