Vegan Brunch Follow-Up

In the throes of having The Plague (or whatever has been taking out the entire Lehigh Valley one sick person at a time, for a week at a time), I managed to pull myself out of bed and sweat pants to make good on our reservations for the Vegan Brunch I was so gleefully looking forward to. 


Enjoy a little food porn. Hopefully you already had lunch or else this is going to make you hungry. Fair warning. Thank you to Wendy (Balasia and The Honey Underground) and Misi (Diver Catering) for a spectacular spread. Also thanks to our impromptu server Alex for being adorable.

Indian Breakfast Tostada (old favorite): “a crisp indian cracker topped with curry scramble, brown basmati rice, masala potatoes, soysauge and karachi dahl”

vegan brunch at Honey Underground/Balasia: Indian Tostada

Indonesian Fried “Chicken”: “a dish of delicately prepared seitan served over peanut noodles touched by lemongrass and ginger, served on a bed of organic greens”

vegan brunch at Honey Underground/Balasia: fried "chicken"

The dishes were served with a tasty homemade hot sauce – the way to my heart, of course. It was tangy, a little sweet, and had a slow heat that crept up my palate at the end. It burned, but it didn’t linger. I asked Wendy to jar the sauce and sell it so I can put it on everything. Cross your fingers.

Balasia + Honey Underground + Diver Catering brunch.

As with any meal served at the Honey Underground, the atmosphere celebrates talking to your table neighbors. Everyone walked around gawking at dishes and asked each other how they liked their meals. Happiness and smiles had by all.

The numbers are in: everyone unanimously wants this to happen again. If another brunch date it set, you can count on me to tell you as soon as I know!

EDIT: Wendy told me they are planning for another one, perhaps in March!

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