Smushed-Up Cutie Pie Dog Faces

My appologies for lack of recipe posts, or posts in general this week. Between house-sitting and picking up some hours temping for an arts/music organization (I’m learning office skills!), I have barely gone grocery shopping let alone done much cooking. Ryan is in Utah for a work trip at a faux-Scandanavian resort, and I’ve been visiting family and finding excuses to try food at different establishments.

So, by “barely” grocery shopping, I mean I haven’t. It’s becoming a dire situation. Yesterday I ate half of a plain roll for breakfast. Woopsies. I’m going today and I promise content-heavy posts will come soon.

UNTIL THEN… I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE “I’m having a tough day and need some cheering up” websites. Or just a “I want to laugh and squeal with utter glee” websites. Or whatever. You need to go here. And if you have a dog, submit something. Or just send the photos to me.


Stella the Boxer.


I just had a heart attack and died.


A blob of dog with a tongue sticking out.


I just choked on my coffee.



Check out … You’re welcome.

10 thoughts on “Smushed-Up Cutie Pie Dog Faces

    • I know, I know. I should have made a warning. I was making this post from a coffee shop and was literally cracking up doubled over typing and felt like I must look like a loony bird.

    • I concur 100%. Every time we start seriously looking or planning we get really busy. Then wonder if we are ready because we are often really busy. But I want one. Well I want EVERY one but I will start with a single dog. 🙂

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