Bethlehem Food Co-op Update: January 2012

Now that the rush of the Holidays has settled, we are back to planning meetings and organizing next steps to take toward opening the Food Co-op.

There will be a general meeting on Thursday, January 19th from 7pm-9pm at the Icehouse in Bethlehem (more info below). It will be broken into two parts: 7p-8pm we will hold Committee Meetings. If you attended the first meetings and signed up for a committee, you will meet with your group (or one of your groups if you signed up for several). If you haven’t signed up, feel welcome to come and join a committee. The general meeting will be held from 8pm-9pm, so we can update each other on the actions the committees will take next, among other things.

One exciting element of this meeting will be the naming of the Co-op. It’s currently referred to several different ways among people, websites, and social media. We are looking for one name so information will be consistent.

YOU CAN VOTE ON THE NAME HERE, and do so before the January 19th meeting. Voting is open until January 15th.

*All name suggestions are listed here – some are serious, others are funny. Enjoy.

You can find updated information on the Bethlehem Food Co-op blog, which goes into more detail about the meeting and anything we are working on.


  • Thursday, January 19th 2012
  • 7pm-9pm
  • at The Icehouse in Bethlehem (located on the river on Northside, near Sand Island, right behind The Wooden Match restaurant. The Icehouse is a brick building closest to the river with a public park behind it.)
  • Here are directions to The Icehouse
  • Keep up with the Co-op Facebook Page for more information/discussion
Thanks to Breath_less'56 on flickr for this photo of The Icehouse, Bethlehem

Thanks to Breath_less'56 on flickr for this photo of The Icehouse, Bethlehem


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