THE INCREDIBLE BULK: Greenstar Food Co-op is Bulk Bin Heaven

A few weeks ago Ryan and I traveled all over New York for weddings, restaurants, friend-visiting and a trip to Greenstar Food Co-op in Ithaca to get excited about our future Bethlehem Co-op.

This post is essentially a picture dump of the inside of Greenstar – I know walking through the place made me excited (truly, groceries and whole foods and eight kinds of vegan cheese makes my pulse quicken) and I hope these images do the same for you!

One of the most memorable parts of the first Bethlehem Co-op meeting was when one of the groups finished discussing their vision and told everyone they had spent the whole 20 minutes talking about bulk bins. I hear you! Greenstar, as with most Co-ops, are bulk bin heaven.

(Not only do bulk bins omit excess packaging, but on a frugal level they allow you to purchase just the quantity needed. Especially good for things like spices, if you are on a budget and need some ingredients but don’t want to pay for a full bottle, or want to try something new without committing to a full amount.)

Thanks, Greenstar, for not yelling at me while I lurked around with a camera!

Caught Ryan in a funny pose. He's probably bracing himself for the amount of squealing I was about to do when I found 8 kinds of vegan cheese.



Deli/coffee/prepared foods area

Giant block of tempeh, $6.99. I should have bought a hundred.

Locally made flavored seitan. Sandwiches for days.

Locally made tofu, sold in bulk.

Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Grains, seeds, flours, beans, etc...

Bulk oils.

So many pastas! Wheat, gluten-free, etc...

Shampoo, conditioner and soap in bulk!

So convenient - empty containers for sale.

Spices look lovely.

Colors found in nature.

Freshly prepared salads and other foods, great to grab for lunch.

No Cosmopolitan or US Weekly here...

Meet your friends and discuss the best way to roast vegetables. Grab some food from the deli and read a cookbook. WRITE a cookbook!

Don't forget your bags!

I’ll have another post with the rest of the trip (ahem, mainly the food) so check back. We also won a three-legged race through the hotel at the wedding, so I may brag about that. Also, this:

"Tapoo" store. They were asking for it.


  • Sunday, December 11th
  • 4pm – 6pm
  • Jumbars Restaurant, 1342 Chelsea Ave, Bethlehem
  • GO HERE for more Jumbars info/directions
  • PLEASE attend only if you were unable to make the first meeting. We will not cover any new ground, this meeting is meant for those unable to attend the first meeting.
  • An official second meeting, open to all, will be held in January. Date/location announced soon.


4 thoughts on “THE INCREDIBLE BULK: Greenstar Food Co-op is Bulk Bin Heaven

  1. You’re so freakin’ cute…(for a while there I thought maybe you were stalking the lil old lady in the red jacket)!!!!
    Looks like a nice place.

  2. We are looking for used Bulk Bins for our co-op. do you have any leads. so far all the ones we have found are still pretty expensive. Wonder if we will ever grow to have room for all that good stuff, deli etc! We are cramped in about 900 square feet and have been open to the public for almost 7 years. E-mail me at if you find any extra used bins. Margaret from Mountain Community Co-op in Eatonville, WA.

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